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Unveil Your Inner Best Friend & Live Your Life in Joy & Infinite Possibilities

Updated: Mar 6

Welcome, Sisters,

Are You Done with all the Negative Chatter from your Inner Critic?

Are You Ready to Create a Positive, Loving Relationship with Your Inner Best Friend - the Voice of Your True, Authentic Self?

Are You Ready to Live Your Life Differently with a sense of Rightness, Harmony and Well-Being in each moment of your life? 

Today, I want to share with you my personal journey from battling my inner critic to embracing self-love and living a life filled with joy and infinite possibilities.

It all began over 35 years ago when I found myself constantly at war with my own thoughts. The relentless inner critic seemed to overshadow every aspect of my life, breeding self-doubt, fear, and limitations. No matter how hard I tried to silence it, with so many different techniques and meditations being offered, its voice seemed to grow louder with each passing day.

Determined to break free from this cycle of negativity, I embarked on a path of exploration and healing. I delved into ancient spiritual teachings and traditions from several different traditions, seeking wisdom and guidance to quiet the tumult within me.

It was during this journey that I stumbled upon the profound teachings of ancient Hawaiian spirituality, especially in Living Aloha. it was through the practices of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path to accepting your Perfection and Spirit Greatness, and The Hawaiian "Smiling Law" of Manifestation, one of the oldest forms of the Law of Attraction. These ancient teachings and practices offered me a new perspective on the nature of the inner critic and how to tame its relentless voice, while also stepping into a new positive mindset and system of living embodying love, joy and self-awareness and truth.

Through these teachings, I began to understand that the inner critic was not my enemy, but rather a misguided part of myself in need of compassion, understanding and repatterning. It was a manifestation of my own fears and insecurities, rooted in limited thought patterns from past experiences and old negative conditioning.

Armed with this newfound insight, I also began the journey of creating a relationship with my Inner Best Friend – a loving, supportive presence within me that had always been there, waiting to be acknowledged.

This Inner Best Friend became my guide, my confidant, and my source of strength. With its help, I learned to shift my mindset from one of self-criticism to one of self-love. It was a journey of transformation unlike any other. Day by day, I embraced a new way of being – one rooted in truth and authenticity, one that honored my deepest desires and aspirations.

As I cultivated this relationship with my Inner Best Friend, I found that the voice of the inner critic grew quieter and quieter, until it was nothing more than a whisper in the wind.  And when that whisper attempted to be heard, I could now quiet it by just choosing to listen instead to the loving and positive voice within me.

Today, I stand before you as living proof that it is possible to overcome the grip of the inner critic and step into a life filled with love, joy, and infinite possibilities. It is my greatest joy to share the tools and teachings that have helped me along this journey, so that other women too may experience the profound shift that comes from embracing Your Inner Best Friend.

With love and light,


P.S.  To learn more about Embracing Your Inner Best Friend and Ignite Your Inner Brilliance, you can visit

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