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Live Your Aloha Discovery Consultation Session

 A 45-Minute Talk Story Session
with Kaleonahenaheonalani 

This 45-minute online Zoom session is a consultation unlike any other.  During your time of your Talk Story with Kaleo, you will have the opportunity to share your deepest dreams and desires for this chapter of your life and the challenges you are having in manifesting them - and in feeling lost in what your Purpose, Place and Power is now.  From there,  Kaleo will create a tailored and finely tuned Road Map for your Transformational Journey to Live Your Aloha through Igniting Your Inner Brilliance, Claiming Your Voice as Your Source of Personal Power to Live Each Moment of Your Life in Joyful Positivity and Limitless Possibilities.   It uses the Timeless Spiritual Teachings of the Hawaiian Ancient Wisdom of Aloha,  living in Love, Unity, Acceptance & Truth. It includes the practices of  Kanawai Moaka'aka, their "Smiling Law" of Attraction & Manifestation, and Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, The Path to Accepting your Perfection and the Uniqueness of YOU.  

Kaleo is committed to being of service to you.  This time together also gives you both the opportunity to ensure that you are a good energetic and spiritual match for Kaleo to walk by your side in guiding and supporting you in achieving your dreams to know Your Purpose, Place and Power  and speak your truth with confidence to be heard, accepted and respected as the Positive Master Creator of the Life you Choose.  Clients often tell Kaleo they have experienced moments of joy and peace in feeling they have already gained clarity regarding their issue - just from the consultation.  

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