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Alan Cohen,
Author of A Deep Breath of Life

Ulana is a powerful statement of love, wholeness, and respect for all life. Bask in its energy and you will be transported to a realm where the spirit is real.

Asheville NC

Kaleo has the most soul-touching power with her music and songs…..(they) have soothed my ragged edges.

Richard Shulman,
Keyboardist and Composer

Ulana, The Way of the Heart is deeply beautiful, spiritually moving and well done in every way. Kudos for a magnificent album!


Johnson City TN

Kaleo’s music is very calming and helps me center and breath deep….Sorta like being wrapped up in a warm blanket and being held by tender arms.

Michelle Williams,
Artist/Poet from

When I listen to this CD, I feel like I’m walking on the ocean shores with the wind blowing across my face as peace settles in my spirit and in my soul. Whenever I need to take a break from life and get away from all the busyness that life can bring, I listen to Kaleo’s CD. It will wisk you off into a world of peace and relaxation that you will never want to escape from. It always brings me back to what really matters in life, love and relationships.

 MAHEC, Mountain Area Health
and Education Center,

Asheville NC

Thanks so much for the wonderful performance you gave us for our Luau in the Mountainsfundraising event. It was enjoyed by all and it helped us to raise over $2,000to support Geriatric Medicine for MAHEC.

Appalachian Christian Village,
Johnson City TN

The first time Kaleo shared her Hawaiian stories and Hula with us, we fell completely in love with her. Her kind spirit and the gentleness of her words and thoughts just make our hearts rejoice. When we think of fun things to offer to our residents, she is one of the first persons who come to mind to have here again - because of that gentle spirit; and because after the show, there were smiles on everyone’s faces. It was as if our spirit was lifted up.

Katara Seifer,
Hendersonville NC

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to experience a luau with you! I was so taken by the messages you shared with us and how truly this comes through your heart….you make dancingthe hula so easy and fun! It was perfect for a perfect party! After the party,I was just in tears from the whole experience. …The dance seems to open hearts as that washow all of you felt to me. I know you have a mission and I so wish you the best in accomplishing that. Mahalo!

Nancy Irving,
1st Congregational Church
Hendersonville NC 

Deeply moving. Spiritual. Enchanting. These are a few adjectives that I would describe experiencing Kaleo Wheeler sharing her Hawaiian program on two different occasions at the First Congregational Church this past year. I, along, with others, found our eyes filling with tears during her dancing and singing about the island cultural stories. To experience Kaleo is to experience delight and beauty. Don’t miss an opportunity to see and hear her for yourself!

Boiling Springs SC

I gave Valerie Rose, who is a family friend, a Homecoming/Fundraiser and the theme was a Luau. Valerie was in a car accident back in April. She fought for her life and is now paralyzed. She is a young mother of 2 small children and loves the Summer season; so considering she was in the hospital the entire time, we decided to give her a Luau so she could enjoy it with her children and friends before it was officially over! Kaleo came out and performed and was awesome! She went above and beyond for Valerie and to make our party feel complete. Before the night was over we felt as though we knew her personally and I’d recommend her to anyone! Thank you, Kaleo, for putting that smile on Valerie’s face, that we were all praying to one day get to see again!

Spartanburg SC

No one but you could give such a beautiful interpretation. Thank you for gracing our special daywith your gorgeous dance and intuitive brilliance.

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