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Step Into Your Greatness
Shine Your Light - Be Your Empowered You!!!

Be the Master Creator of Your Desired & Best Life
The Ancient Hawaiian "Smiling" Law
of Attraction & Manifestation

Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala
Making Right, More Right the Path

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& Be Your Empowered YOU!!!


Free Yourself of the Endless Negative "Recordings" that Continue to Play in Your Mind

3 Steps to Transform Your Inner
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E Kanawai Moaka’aka, The Hawaiian Universal Law of Manifestation (E Kanawai Moaka'aka) is one of the oldest forms of the Law of Attraction & Manifestation.  It is the Universal Law of Manifestation because it says you can manifest anything and everything you choose to experience in your life. Itʻs been called the "Smiling Law" because itʻs source, the Universe, is always looking to bring you your desires and is always smiling on you as it helps you manifest your choices.


We are so blessed to have this Law always in place. The challenge is to know it is here for us and to be patient as we work with it.  Mōaka'aka  means manifest and it also means clarity. The clearer your vision is of your desired choices and the more you know that your desired choices are here, the faster and stronger it comes to you. When you can see your desires are real, live as if they are already in your life, be the achievement of your desires, and know that the Law is working for you, you manifest them into your lives. It takes clarity - seeing clearly your desires, having total commitment and faith and taking action - do what you need to do to get there.

Unlike “The Law of Attraction” being “The Secret” as it was called  in recent years in a book and movie; for the Hawaiians it was never a secret.  It has always been part of their culture and spirituality from ancient times.  It is the understanding that the universe is here to serve us; and without us, there is no need for the Universe. 

It is just for you to make the choice on what you would like to experience and for you to decide where you would like to go with your next choice by thinking in terms of moment by moment. This is where the Hawaiians take the universal Law of Attraction a little further than our modern understanding of it.  It is using it as a tool and a great way to keep the mind (mana’o) in place to be a helpmate for you rather than working again you.  The mind can go off, as we all know, from old conditioning and limiting thought patterns, into vibrating and thinking about a negative experience you may not want.  Instead, bring what you choose that you do want in your life into your mind, doing it through this moment in time, with this moment of recognition to then be able to bring the subject of that into this present Now, and in continuing to think about it moment by moment.  You want to think of your whole experiential life this way. 

So, it is making a choice on what you would like to experience – where you would like to go and what you would like to do as your next choice, and you can do this by thinking simply in terms of moment to moment. All that exists is the present moment of Now, so staying in the Now with the recognition of your choice, you are able to be in a joined moment of that choice in each consequtive moment.  ​


This Universal Law is at work in every moment, attracting, manifesting-reproducing your positive or negative thoughts and feelings into experiences that you may or may not want in your life.  The Universe smilingly serves you with "Yeses, so choose your thoughts & feelings very carefully, moment to moment for best and lasting results.

Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path is a powerful and transformational system of ancient practices and teachings with practical and doable tools and techniques that works together with The Hawaiian “Smiling Law” of Attraction and Manifestation. ​It is a system of knowledge thought to be part of the original teachings shared by all the people of the earth that became less accessbile and over time - "hidden".  Even so, it was remarkably preserved and now has been shared again through Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry, a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian), whose family lineage goes back to the original Hawaiian people.

​It offers a vision of life centered in Love, the Way of the Heart, with all mankind, nature and the the Divine as harmonious part of a cosmic community. It is a workable philosophy of life and a  complete guide in the practice of "the Smiling Law of Attraction and Manifestation.  

It is a very simple and practical system and outline for Living in Aloha Lokahi - living in love, unity, self-awareness and truth within ourselves and with each other. It recognizes what you are not happy about in your life and then taking the action to change it to what you do want.

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