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Stepping Into Your Self Greatness
through Ancient Indigenous Wisdom

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Sacred Hawaiian Hula Embodied Spirituality 
Aligning Heart, Mind & Spirit 

Classes & Workshops

Hula is an ancient form of storytelling through movement, unique to the Hawaiian culture.  It is the Living History of the Hawaiian people, telling their myths and legends, stories and values through songs, chants and music accompanied by dance with descriptive hand gestures and rhythmic movement of feet and hips.  Grounded in Hawaiian Spirituality, the stories and values embody a system of living the ancient Hawaiians created, called Living Aloha.   

“I love how hula makes me feel....so relaxed and at peace....The Spirit of Aloha just comes into my soul and lifts me....It is so wonderful, to learn the culture of Hawai'i through this moving meditation....It makes me feel beautiful.


Aloha is the reflection and recognition of Universal Law and the Divine within all humans, and the acknowledgement of the spiritual kinship and respect that we all share beyond our physical traits and personalities.  Hula enables us to better understand our lives, and touches us in a way that deepens our understanding of ourselves and connects us to our true inner essence, especially as women.   It is symbolic of how we move in the world and interact with others.


Hula, in its essence, is a spiritual practice.

  • It evolved out of a reverence for the beauty of the world surrounding the ancient Hawaiians as they closely observed their natural environment, with understanding it to be a sacred gift imparting comfort, wisdom and inspiration.

  • In a very real sense, it cannot exist in the absence of spirit, as it is a vehicle for describing that which touches the heart.

  • When properly done, it satisfies the soul, even for those who may know little or nothing about what the dance represents.  And it moves those watching so that they will rethink themselves and their place among humanity.

Its original name, Ha’a, literally means to dance close to the earth, and it is a method of danced prayer, being the majesty of nature in movement.  The flow of lava, the swell of the waves on the shore, the play of the wind through the trees, all are an elegant dance. 

When this sacred energy moves through us, it becomes hula.  Birth, love and death are all commemorated in the sung poetry – the storytelling of hula; with this tradition teaching us to respect the environment and to recognize the sacredness of life.  Hula is a way of being with the dancer learning to live in kinship with nature and our place within it and being an instrument in conveying the beauty of the world. 


  • there is no right or wrong way to do it, with you creating your own relationship with it

  • no prior dance experience is necessary

  • in its basic form, the movements are simple and not stressful to the body

  • it helps develop muscle tone, coordination, self-confidence and good health.

Hula is also a form of healing for the physical body.  Through its flowing movements, each woman experiences how she can express her creativity through telling a story with the movements of her body, creating a better relationship with her body and her body image,  


In being the Sacred Dance of the Heart and the Language of the Hawaiian people, we discover how the ancient Hawaiians’ values were so advanced to a point where they were misunderstood.  Their philosophies of living and life revered Nature and the laws of the Universe.  The ancient Hawaiians were a very healthy, happy and peaceful population.  Their way of life and thinking provides the perfect model for us who are seeking wellness, joy and peace, especially in today's world filled with so much fear and confusion. 

And you do not have to be Hawaiian to experience hula or have any dance experience.  Whatever your ethnic heritage or dogma, it provides a way for you to interpret the world that you occupy more fully and authentically in the way you perceive it. And it can inform you of the positive way in which you regard your body, no matter the size or shape, as an instrument capable of describing the beauty of creation. In this way, it reveals the sacred in all things.  


Hula events are offered through the Halau Hula Pu'uwai O Aloha at the River House

at the Glendale Shoals in Spartanburg SC.  

“The hula is Hawai’i.  The hula is the history of our country.  The hula is a story itself if it’s done right.  And the hula, to me, is the foundation of life.  It teaches us how to live, how to be.  It is the ability to create one’s inner feelings and no one else’s.”   

Uncle George Na'ope, Kumu Hula

"I was thrilled to discover the beauty and sacredness of the Hawaiian Hula and it’s traditions! It is like a moving, flowing, dancing meditation, honoring Life, Love and the Great Spirit. Kaleo is a wonderful dedicated teacher with much passion for sharing the tradition with the stories, chants, and beautiful dance. I want to keep learning more hulas as each seems to be more beautiful and inspiring!" 

-Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd. Naturopath at Ultimate Healing, Asheville NC

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