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Light Up Your Divine Feminine & Step Into Your Greatness

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

What actually is the Divine Feminine? It is your feelings, your insights, your ideas, your intuitive self, your hidden dreams, that creative self that is unique to each of us, whether we are women or men.

Yet how many of us are living our Divine Feminine in today's world; and instead feel that the Light of our Divine Feminine has become dim. Perhaps it feels like it has even gone out or has never been ignited? How did this happen?

It is first to know that The Indigenous Peoples and Quantum Scientists, like Greg Braden, believe that this time of crisis, as difficult as it is for so many people, is also a very special time – a time of renewal and new beginnings. They speak about how the earth goes through different time eras and cycles as part of our global evolution that can be traced and documented.

The Time Era and Cycle that we have been in for the last 5,000 years has created an aggressive

male--dominated, male-oriented world that has now grown into an urban, industrialized and patriarchal order and user-and-throwaway society with the suppression of the feminine energy. It has created a stereotype of the Feminine as having very little power. Women have had to compete or stand side-by-side with men, climbing ladders to reach a pedestal where they both might stand in the same roles (but with women receiving less pay and less recognition) instead of standing in the strength of their relative opposites. Many women have forgotten and become disconnected from the power of who they are as a woman, lost in the negative conditioning and limiting beliefs placed upon them.

The good news is that this Time Era is finally at an end and a New Era has begun and is coming into prominence. The confusion, chaos and conflict we are experiencing in this present moment is just part of the shift that happens when going through a transition, especially as great as this one. When something is dying or coming to an end, it is going to fight hard in its attempt to survive - as we see with all that is happening in the world around us right now, in trying to keep us separate and in fear and in attempting to continue to suppress the feminine.

So how do we find our way forward through this transition into this new time era when these old controlling ways still feel so strong and it all seems so helpless at times? The Indigenous peoples believe that healing for the planet will come through the ‘Feminine’ energy and through Love, that is a greater force than anything else “out there” and the foundation of the 7 Universal Laws of the Universe that govern everything we do in this world.

The Hopi Nation describes the Feminine Essence as the “Gateway to the Above and Beyond” - to the 9-pointed Star of Creation – to the Divine. They speak of the Divine Feminine as:

  • ​how Source and the Divine Within speaks to us to guide us in our purpose during our earth walk.

  • our creative thought and expression – our intuition – our “gut” feelings – our intuitive self

  • where the uniqueness, differentness, the individuality and creative spirit of each of us is valued and honored

  • the belief in the equality of all things

  • how to live with love, kindness and gratitude in our hearts

So what will bring the Feminine out of this suppression it has been in and back into its strength to create this healing? It is for each of us, especially as women, to rekindle and Light Up Our Individual Divine Feminine and In Sisterhood Together.

When we embrace and Light Up Our Divine Feminine, we can create our world within the world around us, free of any of those remaining aggressive patriarchal influences that might still be continuing to be in our lives and that have been dysfunctional and abusive. As we accept and embrace the Divine Masculine within ourselves and nurture and support it; and with it in Balance with our Divine Feminine, this old time era will weaken and "die out" and we will be in love and harmony within ourselves and in the world around us.

When we open the door to the incredible power within us

and express that out to the world, magic happens.

- Kumu Mahealanai Kuamo'o Henry,

A Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) & Spiritual Teacher

It is in choosing to turn away from fear and limitation; and instead, to turn our thoughts and steps toward a path of love, hope, positivity, nurturance, and peace in every moment. It encourages trust in your inner wisdom and embraces your creative capacity to shape your reality, where we can create a vital, energized co-existence of all realms and creatures sharing together in the richness and diversity of Mother Earth.

So, the question is - Are Your Ready to Light Up Your Divine Feminine, Bring it into Balance with Your Divine Masculine and Step Into Your Greatness to be the EMPOWERED YOU? If you are, I am here to give you a helping hand!!!!

I am an Elder and a woman who has walked this human journey for many years. I have spent much of my life – especially the last 40+ years - first in finding healing for myself from early emotional and sexual trauma I experienced that followed me into my adulthood. It then became a spiritual quest to understand this human condition as a woman in this world and to be of help as I met other women who were suffering the same and also looking for answers. My journey took me to several ancient indigenous spiritual traditions, where I finally began finding my answers. It all came together with the Ancient Hawaiian Spiritual Teachings of their System of Living called Aloha Lokahi (Love & Unity) through their practice of the original form of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right - the Path to Living Aoha and Accepting Your Perfection.

As a Speaker/Storyteller, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor to Women and a Positive Encourager and Communicator, I have now brought together everything I have learned and experienced in a Program I created called Step Into Your Greatness and Be the Master Creator of Your Desired & Best Life. It is in helping women individually and in coming together in Sisterhood to support each other. It is in stepping out of suppression, separateness and limitation and into freedom and love to Shine Your Light as the EMPOWERED WOMEN YOU ARE; and As We All Come Together As Empowered Women, to Create The World We Choose To Live In.

I thank you for taking the time to read this Blog. I will be sharing more of what has become my expertise from what was given to me from the Master Teachers I have studied and worked with, along with my stories on how these teachings transformed my life and the lives of the women I have shared them with. Even though it is primarily for women, it is for men as well, to help all of us to live in Love and Unity with your heart, mind, body, and spirit, your human family and with the sacred land.

You can look for more of these teachings and stories in future blogs, in videos on my Youtube channel, The Heart of Aloha and on other social media apps, and in my new, updated podcast, Step Into Your Greatness and Shine Your Light, that will be launched soon. Private individual sessions are also available as well as classes and trainings that I will offering. There is also a Shining Our Light Together - a Women's Private Membership Group, that I will be starting in November to bring women together in Sisterhood to help and support each other in Lighting Up Your Divine Feminine, Sharing the Power of Your Voice to Speak Up and Be Heard, Accepted and Respected --- and in celebrating Your Absolutely Wonderful and Perfect YOU!!!!

And you can always find out more by going to my website and join our community there – and receive a free gift.

So, til next time – with much, much more to come!!!!!

Aloha Lokahi (In Love & Unity)!!!


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