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From Silence to Strength:
Empower Your True Self
A Transformational Mentoring Program 

Transform Negative Thoughts into Joyful Positivity & Limitless Possibilities

Speak with Confidence to Elicit Respect

& Influence Others

Live Each Moment as

the Master Creator of Your Chosen  Life 

Kaleo-storytelling edit.jpg
Water Ripple

He 'Olina Leo Ka Ke Aloha

Joy is the Voice of Love

Have you, like so many women in today’s world,

forgotten who you are and why you are here?


Has your voice been silenced?

Are you feeling stuck in self-doubt, fear, confusion and depression?

Are you questioning your place, purpose and power?

Are you lost in the belief from the modern western conditioning

placed on us that living in negativity is your only reality? 

Are You Ready for a Positive Mindset Makeover

to Live Your Best Life through

Positivity, Encouragement & Appreciation for Yourself and for Others? 

If You Are  - It is Time!!!

And You  Will Find the TOOLs Here to Do It!

WE ARE IN A TIME OF MAJOR CHANGE WITH NOW BEING IN 2024.  This is the Year where we are moving from the old timeline we have been in and into the new that will embody Harmony, Balance and Abundance.  It is also the Year of the Divine Feminine with the Feminine Essence Rising and coming back into a Balanced Union with the Divine Masculine - the force that will carry us into the New Time Era.  This is what the ancient indigenous spiritual cultures have prophesized for generations. 

To help us, we have now been given these Timeless Spiritual Teachings, as with the Hawaiian Ancient Wisdom of Living Aloha Pono (love & perfection), to know we have a choice in how we live our lives and in reclaiming our birthright as a woman.  With doable and practical tools from these Ancient Teachings, you can step into Being the Master Creator of Your Life by Igniting Your Inner Brilliance - Your Inner Wisdom, Claiming Your Voice as the Source of Your Personal Power & Living Each Moment in Joyful Positivity & Limitless Possibilities.  It is in what the ancient Hawaiians called Aloha Lokahi (love, unity, self-acceptance, and truth) that you can confidently speak your truth, to be heard, accepted and respected; and together in Sisterhood and Spiritual Partnership bring Healing and Balance to Our World


It is time for you to live in a world of  JOY, POSITIVITY, and  PEACE – NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU - to Live Your Best Life?   You can – and it is just for you to choose to.

We can achieve and be anything we desire - 
we just have to make the decision to start
and take the action to accomplish it

From Silence to Strength:

Empower Your True Self

A Transformational Mentoring Program

Welcome to the From Silence to Strength Mentoring Program—a powerful and transformational spiritual journey unlike any other. Rooted in the timeless Hawaiian spiritual teachings of Aloha Lokahi (love, unity, self-awareness, and truth) and Pono (living in balance and perfection), this program offers you a Positive Mindset Makeover with practical tools and ancient wisdom to help you move into this new timeline and live each moment with joy, truth, and infinite potential.

What You'll Experience:

  • Timeless Hawaiian Teachings:  Embracing living in Aloha Lokahi through the practices of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path to accepting your Perfection and Self-Greatness, and Kanawai Moaka'aka, the Hawaiian "Smiling Law" of Manifestation.

  • Practical Tools: Utilize practical and doable tools for a Mindset Makeover to cultivate and live a positive mindset and lifestyle.

  • Personal Empowerment: Learn to live each moment in Joyful Positivity, transform limiting beliefs, and embrace your true potential with limitless possibilities.

About Kaleo

Kaleo, the visionary behind the From Silence to Strength Mentoring Program, has dedicated over 35 years to her own transformational journey. From overcoming early negative conditioning and trauma to embarking on a spiritual quest, Kaleo has synthesized her experiences and wisdom into this program to guide and support others on their paths to healing and transformation.

Kaleo's journey led her to the profound teachings of Aloha Lokahi, deepened through her studies with Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry, a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) whose family lineage carries these original Hawaiian teachings. These teachings, shared for generations within her family, are now being made available to the world, offering relevance and transformative power in our modern lives.

Ignite Your Inner Brilliance and Take Action:

  • Reconnect and Reclaim: Rediscover your inner spirit and wisdom by embracing your feelings, insights, ideas, and intuitive self.

  • Speak with Confidence: Gain the self-esteem and self-assurance to express yourself authentically.

  • Make Empowered Decisions: Draw from your highest self when making life choices.

  • Resolve Conflict Gracefully: Learn to release and resolve conflicts peacefully within yourself and with others.

  • Rediscover Your Best Self: Connect with the best parts of yourself that you may have forgotten.

  • Transform Past Traumas: Put unresolved issues and negative patterns behind you to live fully in the present and excited about the future.

  • Experience Peace and Joy: Cultivate positivity, harmony, and joy in all your relationships, starting with yourself.

  • Moving Meditation Practice: Develop body confidence, calmness, and well-being through moving meditation.

  • Positive Communication: Speak a language of positivity, compassion, gratitude, and joy.

  • Trust Your Intuition: Follow your "gut feelings" and intuition to live authentically.

  • Weave Integrity and Sacredness: Empower yourself by integrating integrity, freedom, interdependence, and sacredness into your life.


Join The heart of Aloha 'Ohana/Community and Mentoring Program and embark on a journey to unlock your true potential, and live authentically.  Create a life filled with joy, balance, and fulfillment. Start your transformation today and experience the profound impact of ancient Hawaiian wisdom in your modern life.

If You Would Like to Know More About the Content of the Mentoring Program:  

Are You Ready to Live Your Life as Your True Self? 


Are You Ready to Empower Your True Self and Open the Door to Your Inner Wisdom and Discover your Place, your Purpose, your Power

and Your Creative Expression Unique to You?

Are You Ready to Claim Your Voice as the Source of Your Personal Power to be Heard, Accepted and Respected? 

Are You Ready to Step Into a Life where Joy, Positivity and Fulfillment is Your Daily Reality?


Why wait?

Commit to yourself NOW! 

If you are ready to commit to yourself, and in taking the action needed in your spiritual growth to live your life to the fullest, then I am here to work with YOU!  


This is a powerful program that produces amazing results!  You will learn remarkable things about yourself and be inspired. You will be connecting to Your Inner Wisdom - and aligning with your True Self (your Mana Iho), to love and support yourself more than ever!   

This is a true commitment and Investment in YOURSELF!  Inspiring, eye-opening, and truly transformational!


When we open the door to the incredible power
within us and express that out to the world,
magic happens.

                          - Kumu Mahealanai Kuamo'o Henry

"Faith Is Taking the First Step,
Even When You Don't See the Whole Staircase."
Martin Luther King

What is your commitment?

Spiritual Mentoring and Individual Guidance are always more successful with a committed period of time that allows for the transformation a client's desires. You will experience the best results with a 6 months commitment or longer and coming fully prepared to "play full out" in taking the action needed during the Program.  With commitment, discipline and mindfulness, you can fully quiet, repattern and transcend your old limiting thought patterns and conditioning to live fully each day in your Mana Iho and in joyful positivity and fulfillment.


If you are not yet feeling ready to make a full commitment but want a jump start - to see how the Program works and to get your momentum started - you can discuss and strategize other possibilities with Kaleo in a 45-minute Heart of Aloha Consultation/Strategy Session

Each Individualized Mentoring Program brings in the tools that are best suited to help each client to Ignite their inner Brilliance in whatever way that is for you to Transform Your Voice from Silence to Strength Be the Master Creator of Your Chosen Life as a Woman Empowered.

What is your investment? 

​All Mentoring Packages include: a weekly 60 to 90-minute online Zoom Mentoring Session and support with written materials and via emails between sessions. 


The 6-Month Transformational Mentoring Program

Summer Special

Paid in Full: $3997 ($5997 Value)

Payment Plan: $4497

Monthly Payment: $749 a month for 6 months

There is a $350 deposit paid with your registration

The first monthly payment of $750 is due when you start the program with recurring automatic monthly payments for each of the 5 remaining months

Also Available: 

The Inner Strength Intensive

A 4-Session Breakthrough Package

If you are struggling with a particular issue that needs immediate attention and resolution, this 

4-Session/4-week Package of 90-minutes each, focusing on giving you a Breakthrough for your immediate issue, is also available.

Fee: $599 (Value of $799)

Self-Love is the most important first-step you can take in your healing, as well as the greatest outcome you will

ever experience! 


Schedule Your Awakening Consultation/Strategy Session with Kaleo for a 45-Minute Talk Story to explore how you and Kaleo can collaborate together to support and guide you on your journey  to Shine Your Light and Be a Woman Empowered!

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