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The Ignite Your
Inner Brilliance
Individual Spiritual MentoringProgram 

 Transcend Limiting Beliefs & Self-Doubt &

Create a Joyfully Positive & Fulfilling Life

with Rev Kaleo Wheeler

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Many women in today’s world have forgotten who they are?   Their voice has been silenced and they have gotten stuck and lost in the limitation of self-doubt, fear, confusion and depression from the  negativity that they see all around them in this over-controlling and male-dominant world we have been living in.  And they have found themsevles being influenced to believe that living in negativity is their only reality.  Their Light – their Inner Wisdom – has gotten dim. Perhaps it has gone out? And perhaps it feels like it was never ignited?

Are you feeling lost in this limitation of fear, confusion and self-doubt, questioning what your place, purpose and passion is in your life?   Is that negative inner voice, your "inner critic" always making you feel there is something innately wrong with you? Are you living someone else's opinion of what your life needs to be rather than trusting in your own inner guidance?

It is time for all of us to reclaim our birthright as a woman by Igniting our Inner Brilliance - our Inner Wisdom and Stepping into our Inherent Greatness to Live the Life We Love. It is time to Free Your True Voice and Reclaim Your True Self to transform your inner negative voice (your ‘inner critic”) into the voice of your inner best friend and to confidently speak your truth, to heard, accepted and respected.


What if you Could live in a world of  JOY, POSITIVITY, and  PEACE – NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU to Live Your Best Life?   You can – and it is just for you to choose to.

We can achieve and be anything we desire - 
we just have to make the decision to start
and take the action to accomplish it

Are You Ready to Ignite Your Inner Brilliance? 

Are you Ready to step out of the world of Negativing and Limitation and

step into a Positive Mindset and Lifestyle to Live Your Chosen and Best Life???

Discover my unique transformational program and create lasting change

The Inner Brilliance Transformational Mentoring Program


This is a powerful and transformational one-of-a-kind spiritual program.  It is grounded in the original Hawaiian Spiritual Teachings of Aloha Lokahi (living in love, unity, self-awareness and truth), with the practice of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path to accept your Perfection and Self-Greatness.  It also uses one of the oldest forms of the Law of Attraction - the Hawaiian "Smiling Law" of Manifestation, with its doable and practical tools to help you to live in the awareness and different mindset and lifestyle of positivity, joy and self-love in each moment.


Kaleo has been studying and living in Aloha Lokahi for over 30 years.  She received these ancient Teachings from Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry, a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) whose family lineage goes back to the original Hawaiian people.  These Teachings are only now being shared through Kumu Mahealani after remaining within her family for many generations.  They have tremendous roots in history and are completely relevant and needed in our modern world today. 


These Spiritual Teachings help you to step out of the suppression and limitation placed on you as a woman in today's world and to step into and integrate this different and positive mindset and lifestyle of positivity, joy and self-love in each moment as you move forward in creating your chosen and best life.  Kaleo has been there, and she has brought these teachings together with everything she has experienced in over 35 years of her life experiences, including her expertise as a Voice Specialist, Sound Healer and Hawaiian Sacred Hula Instructor.   It started with her own personal healing and transformation and then her quest to understand the human condition as a woman in today's world. 

What is included:

  • Experience a positive and joyful mindset with doable and practical tools and techniques to live it moment to moment in your daily life


  • Recognize that you have full control over your life and can create anything you choose - including the world and life you so passionately desire

  • Embrace the trust and acceptance of the Uniqueness of YOU in Your Inherent Perfection and Greatness


  • Be the Master Creator of Living the Life You Love, bringing your unique gifts and creative expression into all areas of your life and in helping to bring Balance and Harmony to the world around you.

Are you ready, as a woman, to Reclaim Your Birthright? 


Are you ready to open the door to Your Inner Wisdom 

and discover your place, your purpose, your passion

and Your Creative Expression unique to you?

Are your ready to experience a profound shift in your mindset, free of limitations,
and step into a life where joy, positivity and abundance is your daily reality?


Why wait?

Commit to yourself NOW! 

If you are ready to commit to yourself, and in taking the action needed in your spiritual growth to live your life to the fullest, then I am here to work with YOU!  I am committed to mentoring and helping you by designing an individualized program specifically for you to bring you the tools and practices that are best suited to help you to Ignite Your Inner Brilliance and Be the Master Creator of the Life You Lovel!!


This is a powerful program that produces amazing results!  You will learn remarkable things about yourself and be inspired.  Connect to Your Inner Brilliance - Your Inner Wisdom - and align with your TRUE self, to love and support yourself more than ever!   

This is a true commitment to YOURSELF!  Inspiring, eye-opening, and truly transformational! 


When we open the door to the incredible power
within us and express that out to the world,
magic happens.

                          - Kumu Mahealanai Kuamo'o Henry

"Faith Is Taking the First Step,
Even When You Don't See the Whole Staircase."
Martin Luther King

What is your commitment?

Spiritual Mentoring is always more successful with a specified time period that allows for the results a client desires.

You are more likely to reach the place you want to be with a commitment of 3 months, 6 months, or longer. This can be discussed with Kaleo in the initial consultation session.

What is your investment? 


All mentoring packages include a weekly one-hour Zoom conference or phone session.

  • one month of weekly Zoom coaching and support via email: $1250

  • Three months of weekly Zoom coaching and support via email: $2500 ( savings of $1250)

  • Six months of weekly coaching and support via email: $4000 (savings of $3500)



Self-Love is the most important first-step you can take in your healing, as well as the greatest outcome you will

ever experience! 

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