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Be Your Own Sound Healer - through the Power of Your Voice

I would like to write today on the subject of Sound Healing and specifically Vocal Sound Healing. Sound Healing has been used for generations, and a lot of holistic healing practitioners in today's world are bringing it into their practices. They are using crystal "singing" bowls, tuning forks and other musical instruments in what they are calling "sound bath sessions".

Why is Sound Healing becoming so popular again today? It is because everything in the universe vibrates. It is the Law of Physics. All life is in motion. Every atom of every molecule of every cell in every person, animal, thought, emotion – everything seen and unseen – vibrates because all life (animate and inanimate) is energy. With sound being vibration and energy, we as humans respond to it, we vibrate with it; and it is very powerful as a healing tool to heal and bring the body, mind and the spirit back into balance and harmony.

But now - why the voice?

Do you know the voice is the original sound instrument - and acoustical instruments are copied from it?

Do you know in virtually every culture throughout history, human beings have used toning, chanting and singing to praise their creator and to heal their bodies and spirits? And The Bible says ‘in the beginning was the Word and the Word was made flesh”.

Sound is the glue of the universe. Within our bodies, it represents the union of the invisible (breath) and the tangible (body) – with the union (voice) being shared beingness – also known as communication.

There is also no other voice in the universe like yours. It is unique, just like your fingerprint. When you make a sound, there is no one in the whole world who can make that particular sound like you – not a trumpet or a piano – you are uniquely capable of making that sound.

If your voice is silent, there is a hole, an empty spot in the world. A "piece of the pie" to make this world complete is missing. So, in every vocal sound you make, there is power. It is the unity of your inner and outer selves, with you hearing your voice from within and without at the same time.

The more lovingly conscious you become of your voice, the more you are able to use it to create your reality. In actual fact, the human voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument you have for Quieting the Mind, Healing the Body and Bringing the Sacred Back into Your Life. With your own voice, you have the capability of being your own best healer, with the resonance of your voice and body bringing your mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony.

And it is especially needed in our world today. Our body knows how to take care of itself. Unfortunately, we do not nor are we always able to assist it in its process. Through lack of exercise and poor diet, and the amounts of toxins being introduced into our bodies on a daily basis from outside forces, most of our bodies and systems are out of balance.. When this occurs, the body must perform twice the work. It must first go about the job of restoring balance before it can correct and eliminate what created the imbalance. We can use sound techniques to restore the balance and thus allow the body to do what it knows best.

Two forms of vocal sound healing are Toning and Chanting.

Toning is the process of using the vowel sounds, in allowing the voice to vibrate them intuitively, like free-form, and not according to any “prescribed” technique or length. It can be directed to specific areas of the body; and if the toning is allowed to be expressed freely, on the breath, it cleanses the entire body, releasing tensions and congested areas. Using it in conjunction with other meditation disciplines, such as yoga, can help to take the person practicing it to the next level in their discipline. Combining it with energy or body work, such as reiki, can deepen the level of healing for the one receiving it.

Chanting is said to be the music of the spheres and the natural expression of our consciousness. It is not an obscure musical ritual. It is an important tool used by people everywhere - again - to Heal Their Bodies, Quiet Their Minds and Bring the Sacred into Their Lives. Chant unifies. It brings people together in thought, intention, knowledge and love.

Chant reaches across spiritual, political, and social boundaries. The instant we open our mouths, the sound of chant vibrates through our bodies, bringing increased blood flow to the head, balancing brainwaves, and inspiring the one chanting as well as the listener. It has long served to bring spiritual communities together; to bring workers into synchronized physical movement; and to cheer football players into action.

Whether you are an experienced singer or the person who was asked not to sing in the class play, you can share in the wonder of chant. Chanting is not “singing” – it’s about breath, about heart, and about Spirit - and we all come fully equipped to participate. You have within you the most magnificent vehicle for healing your body and mind, opening the heart, communing with others, and sending your prayers soaring to the heavens. It is your own voice.

With both Toning and Chanting, we just have to free ourselves from the socially determined criteria and conditioning placed on us for what “a good voice” is supposed to sound like. Your voice, like that of all God’s creatures has its own distinctive beauty and is perfect. Through the experience of chanting where the emphasis is on participation rather than the quality of the performance, you can reclaim the joy of fully giving your own voice to song.

I hope this has helped and inspired you to have more awareness of how your voice is unique and your most powerful tool for healing – both for yourself and in helping others.

I am currently offering a monthly online Your Voice as a Healing Tool Healing Circle. It is usually the 4th Thursday of each month. In May, it is on Wednesday, May 31st. You can find more and join our group at:

I wish you love, joy and well being with many blessing!!! Bye for now!!!!!!

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