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Are You Struggling Right Now
With a Specific Issue or Concern?  
Need Help in Resolving It???

The Live Your Aloha Breakthrough Intensive 

A 3-Session Action Intensive to
Empowering Results Right Away


If you have the WANT to transform this current issue,

Kaleo has the TOOLS to help you make it happen

Using the Timeless Teachings of the Hawaiian Ancient Wisdom of Aloha with the practices Kanawai Moaka'ak, The Hawaiian "Smiling Law" of Attraction & Manifestation, and Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path to accepting  your Perfection,


Kaleonahenaheonalani (Kaleo) will guide you to:

1. Define your action goal and the outcome  you desire with resolving this situation
2. Identify your biggest block, discovering what is holding you back from resolving it
3. Create a specialized plan to help you find your resolution. 

You will have the support and guidance within the 3 Sessions to help you implement your action plan and begin to experience results from it - and that you can continue using after on your own.

The Package is 3 sessions, with each session an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.
It is done in an online Zoom call.
You will also receive doable and practical tools to use between the sessions and after.

The Fee: $397 (a $597 Value)

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