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The Heart of Aloha Classes

These classes are part of the Women's True Voices, Reclaiming Your Greatness Heart-Based Transformational System grounded in Ancient Hawaiian Spiritualty.

These are unique opportunities to experience a way of living that will seem very new and unique - but actually is not.  These teachings have tremendous roots in history, yet are completely relevant in our modern world.  In going back, you can learn how to go forward to transform your whole body/mind/spirit system, find your true voice and your sense of place, passion and purpose in your life.  

You do not want to miss being in our "canoe" and paddling with us in bringing more love and light into your life and into your world.  These classes are a way to begin doing that. 

5 Steps to Quiet Your Inner Critic

Is your negative inner self talk more
intense from all the negativity, fear and frustration around us? 


Are you feeling stuck in self-sabotage patterns from old limiting beliefs and conditioning?


Are you ready to do life “differently” through hearing praise, encouragement and
appreciation for yourself?

Come join us for this 2-hour experiential class.

  • Change your negative inner self talk and critic to the positive, loving Voice of your Heart.  

  • Find your inner wisdom and guidance to create your world of peace, joy and well being within the world of uncertainty and negativity around us.

The tools you will learn are not new, they are very ancient and have tremendous roots in history.  They will be impactful in helping you to move forward beyond this crisis with Grace, Confidence and Courage. 

Monday, November 30        7:00pm to 9:00pm            Fee: $27 
Taught by Kaleo Wheeler with Tessa Kidd

Online on Zoom (link sent with registration

Register: https://rb.gy/jvtxcc

Tuesday, January 12    6:00pm - 8:00pm      Free: $27
Joi Natural Wellness and Apothecary, 86 Orchard Park Drive, Greenville SC
Register:  www.joinaturalwellnes.com

3 Steps to Experiencing a Peaceful Holiday Season

Do you find your stress level rising with another holiday season approaching? 


Are you dreading that Christmas visit with family members who are opinionated, hypercritical and argumentative?


Are the holidays difficult for you, especially this year, if you are alone and without family?

Drawing from the ancient Hawaiian internal spiritual teachings, you will learn:

  • simple and practical tools for communicating with more awareness, clarity, and heart.

  • embrace compassion, patience and well-being for yourself and your family

  • handle anger, hurt and difficult conversations with grace

  • maintain the peaceful harmony of the holiday season.


Tuesday, December 8    6:00pm to 8:00pm     $27
Joi Natural Wellness and Apothecary, 86 Orchard Park Dr., Greenville SC

Register:  www.joinaturalwellness.com

Reclaiming Your Greatness through Ho'oponopono Ke Ala 

Experience the true meaning of Ho'oponopono from the ancient Hawaiian Internal Spiritual Teachings, .  Their teachings believe that each of us comes into this world in our Innate Goodness and Spiritual Greatness.

Unlike the modern adapted, interpretation of Ho'oponopono - "to forgive" or "to make right what is wrong"; the true definition of Ho'oponopono  to "make what is already right and perfect even more right and perfect".  We are Spiritual Beings choosing to be involved in this human experience to grow and evolve even more into our Spiritual Self-Greatness. And we have "wonderful opportunities" along the way in helping us to do that.   

E Komo Mai - Come join us for a very special and unique opportunity to learn about this ancient culture that is now being shared with us.  Learn simple and practical tools on how to Reclaim Your Greatness.  

Tuesday, January 26    6:00pm to 8:00pm             $47

Joi Natural Wellness and Apothecary, 86 Orchard Park Dr., Greenville SC

Register: www.joinaturalwellness.com

Ua ola loko i ke aloha

Aloha provides life from within

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