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From Silence to Strength

Own Your "Vocal" Fingerprint

Experience Your Voice as Your Source of Personal Power


Your Most Personal Self-Image that Projects "You" Out to the World  There is No Other Voice in the World Like Yours 

Does your voice seem to always let you down in those moments when you need it the most – becoming small and weak, reflecting your fear and insecurity, rather then your strength and confidence.


If you answered yes, your are like the majority of women in our modern male-dominant and male-control world, having bought into the belief of the Feminine as having very little power - and to keep voices quiet. 

The good news - If Your Are Ready 

It is the Time Now When You Can Change This


We are at a time in our world, where we are moving out of this negative and limiting belief and mindset and into a new one that is about living in positivity, balance and harmony.  The feminine energy is now rising out the suppression it has been in for so many generations, to be recognized, heard, accepted and respected and each of our voices are needed as we go through this transitiona and transformation.

It is important for you to know -

there is no other voice in the word like yours - just like your fingerprint.


So, when you make a sound, there is no one in the whole world who can make that particular sound like you—not a trumpet or a piano—you are uniquely capable of making that sound. (And) If your voice is silent, there is a hole, an empty spot in the world.  A “piece of the pie” to make this world complete is missing.   For us to create this peace and harmony that we all so desire at this time in our history, all of our voices are needed to achieve it.

In every vocal sound you make, there is power.  The more lovingly conscious you become of your voice, the more you are able to use it to  create your reality.  It is the unity of your inner and outer selves.  You hear your voice from within and without at the same time, but you cannot touch or hold it.  You can only let it go.  As you rearrange your perception of your voice, you are rearranging yourself as well.

The sound of your voice carries the message about who you are beyond the words that you say.  Using your voice freely and fully is a joyful healing experience and celebration. It has to do with your creative will, with telling the truth, with sharing yourself with others, and with being able to make choices using the united power of both the mind and the heart. 

When you  become more lovingly conscious of your voice, appreciate its uniqueness and have tools to be able to use it in a way that empowers you, you can communicate more effectively and be more confident in speaking up for yourself to elicit respect and to influence others to create the life you want.

Are You Ready to Own Your Unique & Powerful Voice

and Share It Out to the World? 

You just have to make the choice and

take the action to manifest  do It!!

If You Are Ready, Kaleo can help you through a  dynamic new approach and training she has created, Your Voice - Your Unique Vocal "Fingerprint".  It brings together her experience as a Vocal Specialist and Sound Healer and Body, Mind, Spirital Integration Teacher with the ancient Hawaiian Original Spiritual Teachings that hold priceless wisdom, grounded in Universal Law. They include the practice of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path to Accepting Your Perfection and Self-Greatness, and their "Smiling Law" of Manifestion, one of the oldest forms of the Law of Attraction.   Combing these Ancient Teachings with an awareness of the power of the voice; it facilitate conscious awareness of the connections between body, mind, emotion and spirit through the use of your voice.  It explores the relationship of the emotions to the hidden expression in speech—preparing you to express yourself authentically and to hear the unspoken communication you receive from others. 

When we open the door to the incredible power of our voice,
magic happens

Trainings, Classes and Private Session are Available
For Any Woman in Today's World

who is Ready to Embrace Your Voice as Your Source of Personal Power


Specialized trainings, workshops and private consultations are available for:

Women over 50 - finding their place in their world as the Wise Woman/Elder

​The Professional Woman

Women in Transition - going through a time of change and starting over

"Your Voice is You....Let It Shine!"

-Kaleo Wheeler

And shine it does – for clients both personal and professional

Excited participants have exclaimed:


“I love it.  I’d recommend it to anyone”, “It’s valuable, interesting and unique”, and “Thank you for helping me to change my life.”                                                             - M.Brown, Bloomington IN

"Kaleo is an incredible guide and a true inspiration for how to help women to embrace their inner essence through these wonderful spiritual practices to gracefully live the fullest life we want.   The Free Your True Voice Program has been life changing for me with steps and system being so simple and practical to work with."                                                                         - A. Green, Asheville NC  


A sales manager reports that she was able to “concentrate on the material and the audience without choking from fear.”                                                                               - G. Bartells, Greenville SC


"I don't think that I have ever attended a weekend that was as loving an experience.  And the techniques are useful - easy - practical  and fun to do.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing them!"                                            -A. Campbell,  Tampa, Florida

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