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Be Confident In Your Voice

Be Heard, Accepted & Respected

Your Most Personal Self-Image that
Projects "You
" Out to the World

A dynamic new way to approach your voice 

  • Expand an awareness of your vocal connection with your mind, body and spirit

  • Trust in your voice to reflect your strength and confidence to speak up, be heard, and be respected

  • Speak a language of positivity, kindness and compassion to yourself and to others


There is no other voice in the world like yours.  Yet for many of us, our voice seems to always let us down in those moments when we need it the most – becoming small and weak, reflecting our fear and insecurity, rather then our strength and confidence.


When you Own Your Vocal "Fingerprint" and Experience Your Voice as a Source of Personal Power, you will feel empowered and confident in yourself - no matter where you are in your life - as a leader, teacher, team player, parent, member of the community to be the Authentic YOU.

When we open the door to the incredible power of our voice,
magic happens

For Any Woman in Today's World where they are feeling judged, criticized, putdown 

with their voice is not being heard - and ready to Own their Authentic Voice and 

Be the Master Creator of their Desired Life Experiences

Specialized trainings, workshops and private consultations are available for:

Women over 60 -  finding their place in their world as the Wise Woman/Elder

The Professional Woman

Women in Transition - going through a time of change and starting over

Through Owning Your Vocal "Fingerprint": 

  • Discover spontaneous, effective communication

  • Experience your expressiveness in directing your emotions to make your meaning clear

  • Use your voice to elicit respect and influence others

  • Develop specific techniques to focus your concentration in a positive and confident way

  • Have more stamina to speak under adverse conditions—what to do and how

  • Master true interpersonal communication. 

"Your Voice is You....Let it shine!"

-Kaleo Wheeler

And shine it does – for clients both personal and professional

Excited participants have exclaimed:


“I love it.  I’d recommend it to anyone”, “It’s valuable, interesting and unique”, and “Thank you for helping me to change my life.” 


A sales manager reports that she was able to “concentrate on the material and the audience without choking from fear.”


"I don't think that I have ever attended a weekend that was as loving an experience.  And the techniques are useful - easy - practical  and fun to do.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing them!"                                            -A. Campbell,  Tampa, Florida

Upcoming Training TBA

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