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The Wise Woman Awakens Transformational Mentoring Program 

The Steps Covered in the Program


with Kaleo Wheeler

Positive Mindset Mentor

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The Wise Woman Awakened Mentoring Program Steps 

Not Necessarily In This Order

1. The World is What You Think It is - What do you choose, the World of Joy, Positivity & Self- Love or a world of Negativity, Fear & Limitations

  • Create Your World Within the World Around You, no matter what chaos is there

  • Experience a quietly profound, balanced and practical way of living 

  • Ho'o'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right -the Path to Accepting your Inherent Perfection and Spirit Greatness

  • Live the life you choose by changing your belief and interpretation of it 

02  There Are No Limits - Quiet, Repattern and Transform Your Inner Critic

  • Discover how Your Inner Critic is just old self-limiting thought patterns and emotions from past experiences and old conditioning

  • Meet the source of your inner critic and whose voice continues to self-sabotage you

  • Release this "Imposter Syndrome" by overcoming your outlook, perspective or interpretation of who you are from past traumatic experiences

03  Embrace Your Inner Best Friend - Unveil the Pathway from your Inner Critic to Positivity and Self-Love

  • Train Your mind/intellect and emotions to be skilled parts of yourself  

  • ​Learn how to bring up and focus on positive memories, creating more of the same in the present moment

  • Look for experiences from the past and in the present that creates emotions of joy and gratitude

  • Become aware of the words you are giving life through learning a "living language" of positivity, love and joy  

04  Live  Your Best Possible Life—Energy Flows Where Attention Goes - using The Hawaiian “Smiling” Law of Attraction and Manifestation

  • See your best possible life no matter your current circumstance (“look for the better and the best”)

  • Shift your attitude and expectancy, and align yourself with the positive potential of abundance and hope, bringing in inspiration and motivation to make things better.

  • Choose what thoughts you are giving life to through your words to create your world with the Hawaiian “Smiling Law of Attraction”

05  Be in the Present Moment of NOW - Now Is the Moment Of Power

  • All the power for changing your life exists only in the immediate present moment

  • Achieve living in the present NOW, seeing and taking advantage of all the opportunities that are always around you

  • Plant the seeds for the future you choose and want to have

06  To Love is to Be Happy With – Living Aloha Lokahi (love, unity, self-awareness & truth

  • Experience freedom from judgment, criticism and putdowns in your life—from others and from yourself

  • Bring in practices for living life in praise, blessing and appreciation for yourself and for everyone and everything in your life

  • Live in Unity through ‘Ohana (family) in navigating the waters of life together in growing and evolving in unity and harmony with each other


07 All Power Comes From Within - Unleashing Your Your Inner Wisdom and Inherent Perfection

  • Discover how to connect to the universal life energy that is within you—your inner knowing (your “gut feelings”)

  • Move forward with an acceptance and belief in your feelings, your insights, your ideas, your intuitive self, your hidden dreams – your inner, divine feminine wisdom

  • Aligning your Mind (Mana'o), Emotions (Pu'uwai) and Your "Gut" Feelings (Na'au) confidently make informed decisions for yourself and for your life with grace, joy and self-assurance

08 Creating a Balanced Union of Your Divine Feminine and Your Divine Masculine

  • Be clear in your Place in the world with a clear Purpose and Passion

  • Share your unique creative expression and influence others​


09  Remove Obstacles - with Trust, Patience & Gratitude

  • Discover how to bring yourself back into harmony when you find your Mind (Mana'o) wanting to pull you back into your old limiting belief patterns and emotions 

  • Experience the power of Mahalo—Being in Gratitude 

  • Learn simple techniques to stay in your inner peace and wisdom moment to moment every day 

10  Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth - Living Your Best Life in Joyful Harmony​

  • Live in your integrity, rightness and balance in your personal truth of what works for you

  • Have confidence in confidently speaking your truth, knowing you will be heard, accepted and respected

  • Succeed in being your own Master Creator in your own right

  • Confidently create your dream life with a new awareness of transformation, wisdom,  love and abundance

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