Ancient Chants & Sacred Sounds

Quiet the Mind—Heal the Body—Bring the Sacredness Back into Your Life

A Monthly Healing Circle

Experience a rich and beautiful culture that is all about maintaining the harmony of the community and caring for each other 

We chant in the language of the ancient Hawaiian people because the sounds and tones of the Hawaiian language create vibrations that invoke our deeper neurology and connect us to that part of ourselves just waiting to be stirred. For thousands of years, the Hawaiian people have used these chants and sacred words to deepens their understanding of themselves, inspiring and elevating them from their present  physical state.    


In now being shared with us, it helps us to reconnect to our individual senses of purpose and value and to better understand our journey through life.  The original Hawaiian language was called a "living language", with how it contained only words of positiveness and love, and connecting us to the system of living they created calling Living Aloha.  It helps us to experience that we are all one people, one family no matter what culture, country, background we originate from. 


These chants and sacred sounds are a precious resource in our modern world today that is punctuated by so much stress, chaos and uncertainty.

"When we all chant together, it solidifies the body as one breath.  Wherever and whenever we chant, we are one breath.  We invoke the spirit from where this original chant was given.  We are calling on God and that God is the God of Love."           
Joe Camacho, Hula Practitioner & Chanter

A regular practice of chanting with these ancient words and sacred sounds affects us physically as well as spiritually.  It can:

  • elicit the relaxation response

  • reduce stress

  • sharpen mental clarity

  • open and expand all of our senses

  • help and support our overall health and wellness

As we open the door to the vibration and resonance of our own voice through the power and frequency of the ancient chants and sacred sounds, we also open the door to the universal human spirit within each of us and to the understanding of the interconnectedness of all of life.

The 3rd Monday of Each Month Virtual on Zoom

7:00pm - 8:30pm EST      Fee: $20


The Next Circle: January 18, 2021