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Transforming Your Voice From Silence to Strength - a Spiritual Journey

When You are Living the Ancient Teachings of Aloha Lokahi (Love & Unity), You Transform Your Voice From Silence into Strength, because you are speaking from your Mana Iho – your True, Authentic Self.  It is in combining the power of your True Voice together with the positive living language of Aloha through the practices of Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, The Path to Accepting Your Perfection and Kanawi Moaka’aka, the “Smiling Law” of Manifestation.


This is also how you Ignite Your Inner Brilliance. Once you are aware of a Positive Mindset that you can step into, putting all those old negative patterns and conditioning to rest, you can open the door to Your Inner Brilliance, Your Inner Wisdom through your feelings, your insights, your ideas, your intuitive self, your hidden dreams, your creative self unique to each of us.


This is your Light of Love – and who You Are;  yet how many of us especially as women have lost touch with these different aspects of your True Self? They have gotten so suppressed within us or maybe totally lost and forgotten in the shuffle of all the negative conditioning that has been placed on top of them, making us believe we have to live what other people see and want for us.


How You Ignite Your Inner Brilliance and Shine Your Light out to the world is by opening the door to remembering and embracing Your Inner Wisdom through all of these aspects of yourself.  It is through what brings you joy, excitement and a feeling of fulfillment.  It is what gives you your purpose in this life – what you came into this world to live and achieve. 


And as we are now moving into the 2nd part of 2024, it is time.  It is time for each of us to wake up to our Mana Iho, and remember who we are in our Perfection - and we are so blessed to have these Timeless Hawaiian Spiritual Teachings and Wisdom of Living Aloha Lokahi now, with their doable and practical tools to help us to do this.


It starts with Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala, in helping you accept your Perfection and Spirit Greatness.  It is in knowing you are a Spiritual Being who has chosen to be here and involved in this human experience to grow and evolve through experiencing joy in each moment.


And it is with Kanawai Moaka’aka, the “Smiling Law” of Manifestation, that you bring your joy into your daily life.  It is in the choices you make on what you focus on as your Mana Iho to Speak Your Truth with Confidence and Power, to be Heard, Accepted and Respected for what you are choosing your life now to be.


What is important to remember is that we also have to make the choice to stay mindful and patient moment to moment, to recognize when an old limiting thought pattern, like an old obsolete computer program that got lost in the recesses of your mind, might still surface and try to take control – and needs to just be deleted through you continuing to focus on your joy.  

And this brings us back to your Voice.  When you are living your Mana Iho, you are clear on what your purpose and message is, and you can express yourself through your voice as the most powerful self-image that you have to project “You” out to the world.   

It is Your Unique Vocal “Fingerprint”; and when you become more lovingly conscious of your True Voice, you communicate more effectively.  You experience more confidence in speaking up for yourself. You elicit respect and influence others to create the life you choose.


It’s all there – and this is so important to remember – that there is no other voice in the world like yours. The frequency and sound of your voice are totally and uniquely you. And when your voice is silent, there is a hole, an empty spot in the universe.  A piece of the pie to make this world complete is missing.  And now in 2024, it is for all of us to bring our voices together in the spiritual partnership of our feminine essence individually and together to bring our world back into the balance, harmony and abundance that we all desire.  


If you are Ready to Step into Your Mana Iho and Transform Your Voice From Silence to Strength, I am here to help you. You can schedule a 1:1 Consultation/Strategy Session and explore with Kaleo how these Timeless Spiritual Teachings of Aloha Lokahi can help you to Remember Who You Are In Your Perfection and Be a Woman Empowered.

You can schedule a Session at:


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