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Stepping Into Your Self Greatness
through Ancient Indigenous Wisdom

Pets Peaceful Transitions

A Remembrance & Celebration

Honoring your pet at the time

of their passing


2004 - 2020

1995 - 2010

For most people, their “pet” is more then just that—he or she is that precious being that has become an integral part of the family—a family member.  And as with any family member, when it is their time to pass from this world to the next, we would like to honor them for the journey we have taken together and the unconditional love and companionship that they have given us over the years.  


We have last rites, funerals and memorial services for our   human family me bers and loved ones, but what do we have for these amazing friends and family members who have given so much of themselves to us during their lives?  How do we support and honor them and find completion during and after the time of their passing? 


Kaleo Wheeler offers you an opportunity to honor your pet in a unique way.  Based on the Native American tradition, this Ceremony and Rite of Passage is a beautiful way to help the one passing and a time for remembering and celebrating their life for the whole family, young and old, and for friends who also knew and loved them.  It is an opportunity for the family to be able to find completion together and say their final goodbyes. 


Each Remembrance and Celebration is unique, and there is an initial consultation to discuss the particular needs of the family.


passed in 1986


1984 - 1994


passed in 1988

A three-part Ceremony and Rite of Passage


  • The Crossing Over Ceremony—just before and during their transition


  • The Remembrance and Celebration—immediately after the Last Rites.  In this tradition, it is believed that there is a soul and spirit, and that the spirit leaves at the moment of death and the soul 5-6 hours later.  There is a proven weight loss at each of these times.  It is important to allow the body to remain in  the same place until these two parts can join together in the spirit realm to then move on.  This is a wonderful and powerful time for family and friends to gather and share stories to remember and honor their loved One.


  • The Internment or Spreading of the Ashes.  The Internment happens immediately after the remembrance, or the Spreading of the Ashes at a  later date at a site of the family’s choosing. 

“Kaleo helps you to ease your heartache and

concern during this time of loss in knowing

that you are facilitating a peaceful transition

for your pet .”  

                                     - Jessy F., Asheville NC

I have had several dogs and they died and were buried or cremated without closure. There seemed to be something missing. I recently participated in this unique ceremony for a friend and her pet.  Religious leaders  help us get through the death of our human kin and Kaleo's work will help you and honor your special family member. 

                   - Philip E. Johnson City TN

Kaleo is an avid animal lover and has always had dogs and cats as important members of her family.  She received this Ceremony from the Native American Shaman who she apprenticed to for 14 years.  She was also a Certified Music Practitioner, playing live therapeutic at the bedside of the sick and dying in hospice and in the private section.  She  added this Ceremony to help those who were actively dying to help make their crossing easier and to ease the grief and loss of their loved ones left behind.   She began doing it for the animals and their family  after she had to say goodbye to several of her own family members.  She experienced first hand the healing power of this Remembrance and Celebration for both herself and her little loved ones.  She is now happy to be able to share it with others to help them as they go through the difficult time of having to let go. 

Bella & Kaleo

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