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  The 4 Steps to

Light Up Your Divine Feminine

A Women's Training to

Step Into Your Greatness

Shine Your Light
Be Your Empowered YOU!!

Schedule a private 45-minute Awakening Session with Kaleo

Explore how you and Kaleo can collaborate together to help you to Step Into Your Greatness, Shine Your Light & Be Your Empowered YOU!!!


Are You Ready to Live Your Life Differently in 2024 as the

Master Creator of Your Best Life?

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3 Steps to TransformYour Inner

Critic toYour Inner Best Friend

An Online Self-Paced Course
A Special Holiday Energy
$27 (value of $297)

What actually is the Divine Feminine?

It is our feelings, our insights, our ideas, our intuitive self, our hidden dreams,

that creative self that is unique to each of us, whether we are women or men. 

It is the belief in equality in all living things and to live with love, compassion

and acceptance in our hearts.

Yet how many of us are living our Divine Feminine in today's world?

Do you feel its Light within you has become dim or has even gone out - or its never been ignited???? 

Are you ready to experience a different and positive mindset

to feel confident in expressing your True Self

through Stepping into Your Greatness? 

It is time for all of us, as women, to  finally move out of the shadow and confusion of what we have been conditioned to believe it means to be "Feminine" in our current aggressively male-dominated and male-oriented world with the suppression of the Feminine. 

When you embrace and Light Up Your Divine Feminine, you can create your world within the world around you, free of any of those aggressive patriarchal influences that you continue to experience still being in your life and that has been dysfunctional and abusive. You can then accept and embrace the Divine Masculine within yourself and nurture and support it. Strengthening your  with your Divine Feminine will soften the overcontrolling patriarchal energy in the world around you, bringing it back into a place of equality with the global feminine energy.

And this all starts with each of us choosing to turn away from fear and limitation and instead to turn our thoughts and actions toward a path of love, hope, positivity, nurturance, and peace in every moment. You begin to trust in your inner wisdom that embraces your creative capacity to shape your reality; and from there, we can create a vital, energized co-existence of all realms and creatures sharing together in the richness and diversity of Mother Earth.So, the question I would like to ask you - Are you ready to reignite and let Your Divine Feminine Light shine strongly, bringing it into balance with your Divine Masculine and Be the Master Creator of your Desired and Best Life?

Create a Balanced Union with your Divine Feminine and Your Divine Masculine and help to bring a global balance and harmony back to this wonderful world that we live in as you Step into Your Greatness to Be the Master Creator of Your Desired & Best Life, and in being the Wonderfully Unique and Best “You” Ever – Truly Being a WOMAN EMPOWERED!


The Dance Between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is also one of the 7 Universal Laws of Manifestation that is grounded in love and governs everything we do in our world and that The Hawaiians call the – The "Smiling Law of Manifestation" – what our modern world calls the Law of Attraction.

Re-ignite and Light Up Your Feminine —the Divine within you and - Shine it Out Into Your Daily Life as Your Empowered YOU.

"We are Spiritual Beings who have chosen to come into and be involved in this human experience to grow and evolve even more into our Spirit Greatness." 

- Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry

Kaleo Wheeler is making these teachings avaialble to women today through the Step Into Your Greatness Training that she has created from how they helped her in her own spiritual journey back home to her True, Authentic Self. She experienced emotional and sexual trauma when she was very young that created her core wound. That wound followed her into her adult life, creating ongoing issues with being unable to maintain close and intimate relationships with others and in being unable to be fully successful in her life.  It was always more of just "getting by" and losing her real sense of purpose in life.  Her spiritual path began in looking for answers and relief from the emotional pain that she continued to experience. She studied and walked many different paths.  It was when she was finally introduced to the ancient Hawaiian spiritual teachings 30+ years ago that she finally found the answers she was searching for,  bringing together everything she had learned and experienced in her life.  The culmination of it all is what she now brings to other women to experience Stepping into Their Greatness.

THERE ARE  NO "ACCIDENTS" IN HAVING THESE TEACHINGS AVAILABLE TO US AT THIS TIME.   There are only “timeless and opportune” moments to experience this “reconnection” to these ancient teachings of Aloha; to “consciously” weave them like a beautiful and colorful flower lei into our lifestyle today. ​It is time for all of us, as women, to Find and Free Our True Voice, to Embrace Our Self-Worth and Step Into Our Greatness.

The 4 Steps to Light Up Your Divine Feminine is the 2nd Part of The Step Into Your Greatness, Shine Your Light and Be Your Empowered YOU Program.  Each part can also be taught on its own.


  • Transform Your Inner Critic to Your Inner Best Friend.  Discover who the voice of your Inner Critic is and where it actually comes from to delete and transform it to the Voice of Your Inner Best Friend - Your Mana Iho/Authentic Self.  With a new awareness and mindset of living in Aloha Lokahi (love, unity, self-awareness and truth), you can begin to experience your life in a different way - in joy, positivity & self-love.  You can begin treating yourself with the same nurturance, compassion and support that you would give to your best friend. 


  • Light up Your Divine Feminine to Shine Your Light and Be the Empowered YOU.  Your Divine Feminine is Your Feelings, Your Insights, Your Ideas, Your Intuitive Self, Your Hidden Dreams, Your Creative Self Unique to Each of Us. And then to bring that out to the world to be confident in your Place with a clear Purpose and Passtion by creating a Balanced Union with your Divine Masculine.


  • With the Hawaiian "Smiling" Law of Manifestaion and Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, you accept your Perfection as a Spiritual Being who has chosen to come into this humam experience to grow and evolve more into your Spirit Greatness. You will begin to live your life moment to moment in joy, positivity and Spiritual Kinship through Love and Oneness with yourself, your human family and the Sacred Land. 

When we open the door to the incredible power within us
and express that out to the world, magic happens.
Kumu Mahealanai Kuamo'o Henry

The 4 Steps to Light Up Your Divine Feminine 6-Week Training

will be starting the end of January 2024


Schedule a 45-minute Awakening Session and 
re with Kaleo how you can collaborate together to help you to

Step into Your Greatness

Shine Your Light - Be Your Empowered You

Current Course, Workshops & Private Sessions

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