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Being All You Can Be

Ancient Hawaiian Spiritual Wisdom
Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala
Making Right More Right, the Path


Aloha Mai!

When we open the door to the incredible power
within us 
and express that out to the world,
magic happens.

                          - Kumu Mahealanai Kuamo'o Henry

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Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala 
Making Right More Right, the Path


Experience a new mindset and dimensions of thought, experience and practice that is very ancient and has tremendous roots in history.

Recognize the Self Greatness within you, connect with your highest purpose  and appreciate and embrace the world you choose within the world around you 

Step fully into your Self Worth, accepting yourself as the all powerful spiritual being & creator of your own chosen and desired experiences.

“We don’t think (mana’o) ourselves into new ways of living. We nurture and live (malama ola) ourselves into new ways of being”.

Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala is the belief system and method for “making right more right, the path.” Many are surprised to learn about this form of Ho’opono Pono that is rooted in the ancient Hawaiian pragmatic spiritual teachings of the Aloha Spirit rather than the Western adaptation for “conflict resolution".  This adaptation is for marketing Western values noted as “forgiveness."  Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala predates this adaptation.  It brings forward the Aloha for self and to promote  “self-best” through self-permission to recognize and accept self-greatness, to experience it moment-by-moment in all areas  of one’s life, and to lay at waste the “fear-based” mindsets for power and control. It is the ancient knowing that you are obviously the best “you” ever! There are no duplicates. You’re it! The original YOU! The god-goddess makes no mistakes!


These teachings have been given to us from Kumu Mahealani Kuamo’o Henry and her family lineage, with Kumu La'akea Rumsey,  and there are no “accidents” in having them available to us at this time.  There are only “timeless and opportune” moments to experience this “reconnection” to these ancient teachings of Aloha, and “consciously” weave them like a beautiful and colorful flower lei into your lifestyle today.  Kumu Kaleo Wheeler has been Living and sharing Aloha for over 30 years.  She is blessed and honored to have received these teachings from Kumu Mahealani.  She is now bringing them to women here in our western world to  help them, through the Heart of Aloha, to experience Na Koho Pono, the right choices, for their life as they disengage from the old self-limiting through patterns and emotions to Step into their Self-Greatness in Being All They Can Be. 

The unique factors separating these teachings from other spiritual teachings:

  • rooted in the Aloha Spirit commonly known as the Universal Spirit; and thereby, not “cemented” in known structured religious dogma, thereby, ever-evolving.

  • has no demands, but promotes freedom for choice to do, to believe, to formulate, even at random one’s own belief system based in the recognition that one is a creator and co-creator of one’s own life conditions upon “ever-changing” experiences.

  • helps one to consciously, emotionally and spiritually reconnect all elements to become a better creator, a better human, moment to moment.

  • taught with Hawaiian words and phrases, and in the “mo’olelo” or talking story style.

    • This style and usage of the Hawaiian words prove especially helpful at “unlocking” the analytical mindset in human logic, based upon minimal to no recognized, or nurtured Spiritual experiences.

    • the usage of the Hawaiian words soulfully activates mental curiosity, and a willingness to open channels in the brain, that were “stuck” in preconceptions, and limitations.

The Heart of Aloha
Trainings, Classes & Events


Explore our Heart of Aloha Trainings, Classes & Presentations 

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Sacred Dance to

Aligning Heart, Mind & Spirit

Hula is an ancient form of storytelling through movement, unique to the Hawaiian culture. 


It is the Living History of the Hawaiian people, telling their myths and legends, stories and values through songs, chants and music accompanied by dance with descriptive hand gestures and rhythmic movement of feet and hips. 

Grounded in Hawaiian Spirituality, the stories and values embody a system of living the ancient Hawaiians created, called Living Aloha.   

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Mentoring Programs,
helping women to:

  • Silence Your Inner Critic, by transforming old self-limiting thought patterns and emotion

  • Give Voice to the Desires of Your Heart - aligning your mind and emotions with your Spirit (your "gut feelings"/your inner guidance)

  • Express Yourself through a "living language" of love, positivity, acceptance & gratitude

  • Find Your Self-Worth, knowing you are obviously the best “you” ever! No duplicates. You’re it! The original YOU!

Expressing Yourself through a "Living Language" of Love, Positivity, Acceptance & Gratitude

Ancient Chants & Sacred Sounds - As we open the door to the vibration and frequency our own voice, through the sacred words and chants of the ancient Hawaiian culture, we also open the door to the universal human spirit within each of us and to the understanding of the interconnectedness of all of life.

Women coming together in a Monthly Talk Story Sacred Circle to find and express Our Voices together in Commonality and Sisterhood


Messages of the Heart

Whether it is in the small intimate setting of a private party, a larger event with hundreds of people or an online event; Kaleo is fully present in the world of the story she is telling. 


She effortlessly engages the audience to be an integral  part of the entire experience, giving them a "time out"   from all the stress and concerns in today's world.


Through her heart-full stories, strong stage presence and relevant messages; audiences don’t just hear a story.   
They experience it within themselves. 


They return home feeling renewed, inspired, energized, uplifted and more at peace within themselves and with 

their world.


“Kaleo is an incredible mentor and guide and a true inspiration for how to help women to find our way back home to ourselves through this wonderfully rich culture and tradition to gracefully and joyfully live our desired life. It has been life changing for me with it being so doable and practical.                                                                                                                          - ANDREA