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Step Into Your Greatness

Shine Your Light
 Be Your Empowered You!!!

Discover the Magical Ways of a Quietly Powerful, Natural, Balanced and Practical System of Living,
embodying Joy, Positivity, Kindness & Well Being

Grounded in Ancient Hawaiian Spirituality,
it is called Aloha Lokahi (Love & Unity) 

 Helping You with Your Holiday Stress

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Schedule a private mentoring

session with Kaleo


Kaleo will help you with your

specific holiday concerns &

receive practical & doable

tools designed to use to be fully present moment-to-moment in the joy of your Holiday Season

Black Friday Special 50% Discount

Until November 27 .

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Feeling overwhelmed by the Holiday Season?  Seeking a way to release stress and anxiety, but not
sure how?  Look no further!!!! 

4 Steps to Hack Your Holiday Stress
by harnessing the Law of Attraction
Transform Your Holiday Season to
Peace, Joy & Abundance

Saturday, December 2, 10:30am to 12:30pm
EnerBalance Hypnotherapty & Holistic Healing Center,  Greenville SC


Step Into Your Greatness is a Heart-based Transformational Program grounded in the Hawaiian "Smiling" Law of Manifestation and the ancient Hawaiian teachings of Living Aloha Lokahi, living in Love, Unity, Self-Awareness and Truth.   It is the culmination, bringing everything together that helped Kaleo Wheeler in the last 40+ years in her spiritual journey for her personal healing and then in her quest to understand the human condition as a women in our moder world.   She has created this Program to now share it with other women to help them to Step Into Your Greatness, Shine Your Light and Be Your Empowered You!!!


Aloha Lokahi has its origins in ancient wisdom and an ancient culture, yet it is completely relevant to these modern times.  It is rich in insights that are profound, universal and easily understood, together with the doable and practical tools to create the life you choose from the Hawaiian "Smiling Law" of Manifestation and the practice of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right the Path to accept your Perfection and Self-Greatness.

It teaches us balance in life along with a life-affirming approach toward ourselves and othersIt emphasizes a loving, positive way of life, direct action and personal responsibility.  Based on the acronym of the word, Aloha, it is to be unassuming; in unity with yourself and others;  truthful, humble and patient and perseverant.


The Practice of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path, is a personal energy management system and the integration of the body, mind and spirit.  It helps you to Live Aloha, giving you these practical and doable tools to use in virtually every aspect of your life.  It is a perfect complement to other spiritual systems and often enhances your understanding of them.  Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala does not require belief but emphasizes the workable and the practical.

It is in having:

  • the utmost respect for who you are, in knowing You Are the Best You...Ever!!!

  • the unwavering belief that You are a Spiritual Being who chose to come in and be involved in
    this human experience to grow and evolve even more into your Spirit Greatness.

  • the inner knowing that we are innately good no matter what your outward "personality" or "manner" is expressing from negative conditioning causing limited thought patterns 

This ancient tradition is a precious resource in our modern world that is punctuated by so much stress, chaos and uncertainty.  Loving yourself and nurturing other beings and the land, and living in harmony with all of life is the essence of Aloha.  For making personal changes, it is highly effective and it gives you a definite plan of action.  Those who will benefit from this system of living are those who are ready to take responsibility for their lives, and who have the vision to ascend to a higher level of being.

Weave Your Lei of Life with Joy, Positivity,

Acceptance, Confidence and Sacredness 

The Step into Your Greatness, Shine Your Light & Be Your Empowered YOU Program includes:


  • Transform Your Inner Critic to Your Inner Best Friend.  Discover who the voice of your Inner Critic is and where it actually comes from to delete and transform it to the Voice of Your Inner Best Friend - Your Mana Iho/Authentic Self.  With a new awareness and mindset of living in Aloha Lokahi (love, unity, self-awareness and truth), you can begin to experience your life in a different way - in joy, positivity & self-love.  You can begin treating yourself with the same nurturance, compassion and support that you would give to your best friend. 

  • Light up Your Divine Feminine to Shine Your Light and Be the Empowered YOU.  Your Divine Feminine is Your Feelings, Your Insights, Your Ideas, Your Intuitive Self, Your Hidden Dreams, Your Creative Self Unique to Each of Us. And then to bring that out to the world to be confident in your Place with a clear Purpose and Passtion by creating a Balanced Union with your Divine Masculine.

  • With the Hawaiian "Smiling" Law of Manifestaion and Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, you accept your Perfection as a Spiritual Being who has chosen to come into this humam experience to grow and evolve more into your Spirit Greatness. You will begin to live your life moment to moment in joy, positivity and Spiritual Kinship through Love and Oneness with yourself, your human family and the Sacred Land.  

A Woman Empowered to Live her Best Life...Ever!!!

Aloha Lokahi is an ancient knowing that you are obviously the best “you” ever! There are no duplicates. You’re it! The original YOU! The god-goddess/”powers that be” make no mistakes! - and Your Greatness and Your Voice is needed in our modern western culture of today more than ever.   

Yet many of us, especially women,  have forgotten who we are, our voices have been silenced and we have gotten stuck and lost in human world of fear, confusion and conflict that we see all around us.  How fortunate we are to have these ancient spiritual teachings to help us to find our way back to our Authentic and Divine Self to Create our Best Life Ever; and in joining our "voice" with other women's "voices", to help to bring the change to the world that is so needed.

Kaleo was privileged to have studied and received these teachings from Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry, a Kanaka Maoli (a Native Hawaiian) with her family lineage going back to the original Hawaiian people. With permission to now pass them on to others. Kaleo is doing this with creating the Step Into Your Greatness Program, giving you the rare and unique opportunity in being able to go back and draw from this ancient, priceless wisdom, with its very pragmatic and doable tools, to help you manifest your desired experience in every moment of your life - starting with today.  


You can Live Your Life in Joy, Positivity, Confidence and Well Being.  You can experience the freedom to shine your light and bring your unique gifts and creative expression out to the world - as a leader, team player, parent, daughter/son and member of the community. It is to finally move into a place of Harmony and One-ness within yourself, with your human family and with the sacred land.

Step Out of the World of Negativity & Fear and

Into the World of Joy & Positivity

Kaleo is also a Charismatic, Powerful, Unique Inspirational Speaker and Storyteller and a Positive Encourager and Communicator, with her stories as another way of sharing the message of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala.   Through her heart-full stories, strong stage presence and relevant messages; audiences don’t just hear a story.  They experience it within themselves; and they return home feeling renewed, inspired, energized, uplifted and more at peace within themselves and with their world.

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Current Courses, Workshops & Private Sessions

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I hope you will choose to walk with me and allow me to help you on your Spiritual Wellness Journey to consciously manifest your life joyfully in every moment for yourself and with everyone and everything in your world. 





Kaleo_Wheeler_Speaker, Storyteller, Spiritual Teacher, Positive Encourager and Communicator
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Spartanburg SC 

The retreat was powerful, insightful and very practical.  Not only were ways outlined to diminish my negative "scripts" and gain positive ones, concrete strategies were also given to keep implementing these new ways into my everyday life.  Discussions were life affirming and thoughtful, and I have come away with so many practical ways to deal with my anxious thoughts as I keep working on "Owning My Authentic Voice".  Thank you, Kaleo

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd 
Naturopath at Ultimar Healing
Asheville NC

I was thrilled to discover the beauty and sacredness of the Hawaiian Hula and it’s traditions! It is like a moving, flowing, dancing meditation, honoring Life, Love and the Great Spirit. Kaleo is a wonderful dedicated teacher with much passion for sharing the tradition with the stories, chants, and beautiful dance. I want to keep learning more hulas as each seems to be more beautiful and inspiring!

Sekou Miller, 
The Alvin Alley Theatre
New York City

When experiencing Kaleo speaking and telling her stories, you find yourself becoming totally involved with her as she is fully present in the world of the story she is sharing.  She draws the audience in to open their hearts and be a part of that story with her.  A true storyteller! Absolutely beautiful!.   

Asheville NC

Kaleo is an incredible guide and a true inspiration to help women to gracefully live their best life through these wonderful spiritual practices. It has been life changing for me with a system that is so doable and practical to work with.                             -  

Appalachian Christian Village 
Johnson City TN

We fell completely in love with Kaleo.   Her kind spirit and the gentleness of her words and thoughts just make our hearts rejoice.  After her presentation there were smiles on everyone’s faces.  It was as if our spirit was lifted up.     

Alan Cohen,
author of A Deep Breath of Life

Kaleo's CD, Ulana The Way of the Heart  is a powerful statement of love, wholeness, and respect for all life. Bask in its energy and you will be transported to a realm where the spirit is real.”

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