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The Unveil 

Your Inner Best Friend



From Self-Critic to Self-Love
and Ignite Your Feminine Brilliance 

Is that negative, inner voice - your inner critic - more intense from all the negativity, fear and uncertainty around you? 

Are you feeling stuck in

self-sabotage patterns from

old limiting beliefs

and conditioning? 

Are you ready to do life "differently" through hearing praise, encouragement and appreciation for yourself? 

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Are Your Done with all the Negative Chatter from your Inner Critic?

Are You Ready to Create a Positive, Living Language with your Inner Best Friend - theVoice of Your True, Authentic Self and

Live Your Life Differently through Praise, Encouragement and Appreciation for Yourself? 

The 3 Steps to Embrace Your Inner Best Friend comes from a very different ancient, spiritual mindset.  It embraces the trust and acceptance of your own Self-Worth, Your Inherent Perfection and Spirit Greatness on a daily basis versus the current modern fault-finding mindset that most of us have been brought up in, seeded in fear and limitation.

Start attracting the exact life you have always desired..creating the abundant, fulfilling and incredible life you truly deserve!!!

This different and empowering way of experiencing your life is grounded in the spiritually pragmatic teachings and practices of the Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom of Living Aloha, with its "Smiling Law" of Manifestation, one of the older forms of the Law of Attraction.  These teachings and practices have been given to Kaleo Wheeler to share with you from Anake Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry, a Kanaka Maoli (a Native Hawaiian & Elder) with her family lineage going back to the original Hawaiian people.  Some of it might be familiar to you. These Hawaiianl teachings bring it all together in a system of living, called Aloha Lokahi (Love & Unity) that has tremendous roots in history and is completely relevant and needed in our modern world.










Common signs that you are experiencing old conditioning

and limiting thought patterns of fear and negativity:

  • feeling there is something in your life working against you - but you don't know what it is 

  • continuing to tell yourself untrue, disheartenting and often damaging things about what you cannot do, be, have, and accomplish

  • robbing yourself of the abundance and joy that is your birthright

  • your brain having been conditioned to believe it is naturally wired to negativity

  • general feelings of being unfulfilled, living a script that you did not recreate

  • throwing away the key to not only unlocking our own true potential… but the opportunity to contribute to the spiritual evolution of society at large

  • just letting life happen to you, assuming that is just "how life is", instead of being a co-creator and spiritual partner in creating your best life.


The Result of Embracing Your Inner Best Friend

  • recognize that you have full control over your life and can create anything you choose - including the world and life you so passionately desire

  • experience your heart overflowing with gratitude in every moment with your life filled with so much joy, positivity, compassion and abundance

  • having a real sense of accomplishment, belonging, and wonder at the incredible beauty of the universe.

  • experience a positive mindset for life, with doable and practical tools and techniques to bring it into your daily life

  • understand who your Inner Critic actually is and how to listen instead to the loving and positive voice of your Authentic Self - Your Inner Best Friend

  • use a "living language" for new thought patterns of love, joy, acceptance & gratitude

  • align your mind and emotions with your spirit/inner guidance (your “gut" feelings) to

Be the Master Creator of Your Desired & Best Life!!!!!

The 3 Steps


1. Meet the Source of Your Inner Critic

     Take the mystery out of exactly who this “inner critic” is. Know where these

    negative thoughts and words come from, with the new awareness that they are 

    just old, obsolete limiting thought patterns from old conditioning that can be

    quieted, repatterned and transformed.

2. Hear of Voice of Your Inner Best Friend

    Recognize and create a new positive, “living” language and relationship with

    Your Authentic Self, Your Inner Best Friend, treating yourself with the same

    nurturance, compassion and support you would give to your best friend

3. Live the Life You Choose

    Use the Hawaiian “Smiling Law” of Attraction & Manifestation with doable and

    practical tools, integrate a New Positive Mindset and Lifestyle to manifest your

    best life by living it moment to moment in Love, Unity, Self-Awareness & Truth

Upcoming Training

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If you are a women over 40 and ready to Ignite Your Feminine Brilliance and Live the Life You Love,  join Kaleo in a Life-Changing and Transformational 3-week Online Zoom Training -  Embrace Your Inner Best Friend: The 3 Steps from Self-Critic to Self-Acceptance to Liv a Life of Joy, Love and Limitless Possibilities.  This is the first step in The Ignite Your Feminine Brilliance System that Kaleo has created.  

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