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Embodied Spirituality
Hawaiin Sacred Hula

A 6-Week Intensive Program


Aloha is the reflection and recognition of Universal Law and the Divine within all humans, and the acknowledgement of the spiritual kinship and respect that we all share beyond our physical traits and personalities. 


Hawaiian Sacred Hula enables us to better understand our lives, and touches us in a way that deepens our understanding of ourselves and connects us to our true inner essence, especially as women.   It is symbolic of how we move in the world and interact with others.

Through this  6-Week Accelerated Intensive, you will experience:

  • being in kinship with nature and your place within it, interpreting the world that you occupy more fully and authentically in the way you perceive it. 

  • regard and love your body in a positive way, no matter the size or shape, without changing a thing about you.

  •  your body as an instrument capable of describing the beauty of creation, discovering the sacred in all things.   

"Hula is a gift to be shared because it can do so much to heal, cheer, and cleanse the soul. Hula is for the soul.  There are many people who can derive happiness and joy from the hula, just as they derive joy and happiness from other activities.  But hula is more….It can free the mind and unburden the soul, allowing for the creativity of expression that can be highly spiritual in nature."    


-Aunty Aloha Dalire, Kumu Hula  

How does this Mind/Body/Spirit Integration Program Work?

It is a 6-week 1:1 program, with 6 Modules and 6 Weekly Classes. 
There will also be some pre-work and homework each week that you will need to complete.

You will receive a link to your private client portal where you can access all the lessons, videos, audios and worksheets on each module to work with in preparation for that week's class.  A private Facebook group page will also be available for interaction and discussion with other attendees.

Once a week we’ll meet midweek for a class to learn that week's verse of the hula being taught with a practice video for that week available in your portal after the class.  There will be a practice video of the full hula in your portal at the end of the program for a lifetime access. 

You will upload a video that you have recorded of the hula taught that week to be reviewed by the teacher for feedback before the start of the next module  You can also record your insights, get your questions answered and keep track of your progress in the private client portal and in the private Facebook Group.

“The Hawaiian legacy, connecting to the sacred through story and human form, is beauty in motion. What a unique gift in being able to share such interpretation of Love through and with the body.”

— Deborah S., Hendersonville NC

The Accelerated Mind/Body/Spirit Integration Program Modules

01  An introduction to the Sacred Hula, Kamali'i O Ka Po by Lehua Kawaikapuokalani

       Learning the wisdom of the old ways of Hawai'i- and the Universal Order of Life - through this

      mele (song) and hula 

02   Verse 1- So above and so below
Everything is in its rightful place

03   Verse 2 - Receiving the wisdom from our ancestors
All we need to do is ask and listen

04    Verse 3 - The Natural Order

       The Gods, Nature and Mankind

05    Verse 4 - How are we living our Life
Remembering that we come into this world as Spiritual Beings involved in this human   

        experience to evolve even more into Our Spiritual Greatness

06     Kamali'i O Ka Po - the Complete Hula and Message

         Children of the Night (of the Earth), always remember in also being Children of the Light (of the

         Universe and of God) to always be living in the Ancient Wisdom and Natural Order as you move forward in           your life. 

"I was thrilled to discover the beauty and sacredness of the Hawaiian Hula and it’s traditions! It is like a moving, flowing, dancing meditation, honoring Life, Love and the Great Spirit. Kaleo Wheeler is a wonderful dedicated teacher with much passion for sharing the tradition with the stories, chants, and beautiful dance. I want to keep learning more hulas as each seems to be more beautiful and inspiring!" 

-Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd, Ashville NC.

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