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Embrace Your Mana Iho - Your True, Authentic Self & Be A Woman Empowered!!!

Updated: Jun 8

Welcome to Your Greatness!

Do You Know You are a Spiritual Being who has chosen to come in and be involved in this human experience to grow and evolve even more into your Spirit Greatness?

Do you know that your True Authentic Self – your Mana Iho - is your Spirit Self?

Do you know your purpose in being here is to experience the joy in this dance of a balanced union between your Spirit and Human? It is what the ancient Hawaiian teachings call Aloha Lokahi – living in love and unity within ourselves and then with each other.

Do you know that your True and Authentic Voice is the Voice of your Spirit Self, capable of speaking your truth with Confidence and Power to elicit respect and influence others to live in this human life in the way you choose?

Yet, is this how you are living your life today? Is your voice instead sounding weak and small - or being totally silent?

According to Kumu Mahealani Kuamo’o Henry, a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) whose family lineage goes back to the original Hawaiian people and the Timeless Spiritual Teachings and Wisdom of Living Aloha and Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right the Path to accepting your Perfection and Spirit Greatness, this is “I ka pono mea” – all in perfection - in perfect time, perfect place, perfect being.

Neil Donal Walsh, who wrote the books, Conversations with God, shared in his first book that living in this human world of duality, we sometimes have to experience who we are not to know who we are. An example of that is where we have been for many generations – living in the overly-controlled and overly-strong energy of the “masculine” causing its relative opposite, the “feminine” to become attached to the belief of being lesser than and weak, and without a voice.

Many people today, especially those in a position of power, have forgotten their Spirit Self. They have become lost in the attachment to the materialism of just “being Human”. especially in having a thirst for more money and for more and more power as we see around us today.

And with how extreme this imbalance has become, we can see how great the global Transformation that we are going through right now as we are moving into a new era of harmony, balance – and abundance.

And it is women who will help bring our world into this new era by remembering who we are in our Mana Iho – with its Voice Speaking our Truth with Confidence and Power. This will naturally bring its relative opposite, the “masculine” back into a balanced Union with it.


This is also why many indigenous spiritual teachers, as Kumu Mahealani, are sharing their ancient teachings that have been unavailable to us until now. They know we need these Timeless Spiritual Teachings to help us step into our Mana Iho and Ignite our Inner Brilliance that has been dimmed and maybe never ignited. It gives us a Road Map to follow in this Human/Spirit Journey in our Spirit Greatness.

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