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 Life insurance is a subject most people don't want to think about. Less than 30% of the populaion has any form of insurance or planning for their family's future if something unexpectedly happens to them tomorrow.   A good portion of the percentage who do have a life insurance policy for their family, have it in a group policy through their job; with them and you, their spouse, thinking that is enough. 

Is a group policy through your job enough?  Oftentimes, it is not.  First of all, group insurance is the company's insurance policy, not yours.  If your job ends, your life insurance ends; and depending on your age and health when that might happen, replacing your life insurance can cost more or you might not be eligible for health reasons. Also the death benefit is often low, designed to basically cover end of life expenses.  Having a permanent or 20-year term plan in place that is yours, along with the group plan, gives you financial security, with you being able to design the plan exactly how you choose. 

A hard question I always ask - if something happened to your spouse, the breadwinner of the family,  and he or she is no longer here tomorrow - with the income they were bringing in also suddenly gone, how would that leave you and your family?  How would that affect the quality of life and lifestyle you have been able to give your children?????? 

We have seen the result of not having anything in place to replace that income in these last two years, with so many loved ones dying unexpectedly.  

  • all the GoFundMe's, just to get the immediate final expenses paid that are so outragresously expensive in today's world

  • a mom with young children finding herself having to pratically give away whatever she has of value at whatever she price she can get to support herself and her family after unexpectedly losing her husband and breadwinner.  Even to the point of having to sell her children's pet because she needs the money, causing her children to experience two losses.

  • having to sell your house and home in foreclosure because you can't keep up on the mortgage payments.

  • And wtih all the stress this causes while you are also having to deal with your emotional grief over your loss

One of the worst nightmares for a Life Insurance agent is when a wife, and mother, who has suddenly lost her husband unexpectedly, calls with the plea - "please tell me he did get the life insurance policy set up"; and we have to tell her that her husband had decided to wait on finalizing the policy, so there is nothing there to help her.  

 As a woman with children and a spouse who is the breadwinner, many of us allow them to make that decision, or lack of decision, about planning for what will be our future and security, until it is too late.  

This is another opportunity for women to empower themselves - by becoming an active participant in making sure your future and your children's future is secure.  It is by you asking your spouse the hard question:



If the answer is yes - that is awesome!!!!!  You can have peace of mind, knowing you and your family's life is safe and secure. 


If no, then a dialogue needs to initiated on how to make that happen.  And this is where Kaleo Wheeler and Dustin Held at the Hub City Insurance Group can be of help.  


Kaleo and Dustin take their role as Life Insurance Specialists very seriously.  They start with creating a relationship with each potential client to first answer all your questions and give you some possible options.   If you then choose to continue as a client, they will help you create the perfect customized plan to meet your particular needs, including what is affordable and comfortable for your budget.   


What is of the highest importance to Kaleo and Dustin is in taking the time and putting in the work and care needed for you to have peace of mind about tomorrow to live your life fully today


Other Life Insurance Needs

End of Life

All too many people push the planning aside until the hour is too late.  This leaves loved ones having to deal with the extra burden, in addition to their grief, of having to cover the cost of the final expenses out-of-pocket.  They suddenly find themselves scrambling, in having to reach out to friends and family with a go GoFundMe and also find themselves at risk losing their loved one's  Legacy and Assets—including their home—that their loved one wanted to leave for them.  Unfortunately, the treatment of death as something “optional” eventually catches up with the family involved. 

Insurability Protection for Kids and Young Adults

Having permanent life insurance is for any age; and the younger you are, the more affordable the premium will be. For young children, it can be very inexpensive.  With a permanent policy, it will protect their insurability, as long as the monthly premium is paid, no matter what health issues may develop later in life or if they become disabled or chronically ill. 

Retirement Planning

Permanent policies are available that will build a savings within the life insurance policy that is safe from a market loss and are TAX FREE and NOT REPORTED AS INCOME.  The younger you are in starting the policy, the more will be available to you at the time of your retirement.  For young children, this can be also be used for things like college tuition, etc. 

Kaleo and Dustin are here to help - just let us know what you needs are!!!!  

For more information, call Kaleo at 914-466-0015 or email or visit: 

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