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3 Steps to Embrace Your Inner Best Friend

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A 3-Step Online Self-Study and Self-Paced Course. Are You Ready to Ignite Your Inner Brilliance: Step Into Your Perfection and Live Each Moment in Joyful Positivity? It starts with transcending the negative voice of your "inner critic" to the positive voice of your True, Loving Self - Your Inner Best Friend If You Are Ready, then Take Action Now!!!!! The Course Includes:  Step 1   Meet the Source of Your Inner Critic Take the mystery out of exactly who this “inner critic” is. Know where these negative thoughts and words come from. with the new awareness that they are just old, obsolete limiting thought patterns from old conditioning that can be repatterned ​Step 2   Open the Door to Your Inner Positive, Loving Voice - Your Inner Best Friend Create a new positive, “living dialogue” with Your Authentic Self, Your Inner Best Friend, and begin to treat yourself with the same nurturance, compassion and support you would give to your best friend ​Step 3   Live in Your World with Positivity & Self-Love Using the Hawaiian “Smiling Law” of Attraction & Manifestation, you begin to live your life moment to moment in Love, Unity, Self-Awareness & Truth The program comes with a video, a PDF transcription for each step and a workbook. Watch the video and use the workbook for each step as many times as you want before you go on to the next. As you progress through the Steps, you will discover that each one builds on the previous.  This gives you enormous power to easily begin weaving your lei of life in Positivity, Acceptance and Confidence; and with the awareness, doable tools, practice and experiences in place to live in unity, self-awareness and truth - and in ongoing moments of perfection!!!! Aloha!!!

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