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Women’s True Voices is a loving community of women where we support each other in Reclaiming our Greatness and Embody Grace, Confidence & Compassion. It is in freeing traumatic and negative experiences and old limiting beliefs to  Step into Your True & Perfect Self.  And what makes this unique is that the foundation comes from the Ancient Indigenous and timeless practice and wisdom of Living Aloha.  It is what the Hawaiians call "the Smiling Law of Attraction". 

Women's True Voices is for any women, any age or lifestyle, and especially for women 45 and older, who are finding themselves at a crossroads in their life – moving into a new season of life, feeling like they have lost their way or are unable to speak up for herself.   No matter your age or lifestyle, we are all standing on a new ground of uncertainty in today’s world, and it is now time to reconnect and reclaim our inner spirit and wisdom

It is time to shine our light as the beautiful wise woman that is within each of us and to bring our unique gifts and creative expression out into the world to our community and our family as a leader, team player, elder, parent, daughter and member of the community.

It is time to stop living someone’s else’s life by letting others’ opinions and our old limiting beliefs drown out our own inner voice and have the courage to follow our own heart and inner guidance and wisdom.

 It is time to take time for ourselves by putting our oxygen masks on first to be able to better help our loved ones to put on theirs.

It is time to weave integrity, freedom, interdependence and sacredness back into our life as a means of empowering us to help create the world we all yearn to be living in.

It is time to come together in Sisterhood as we go through this time of transformation so we don’t feel alone, isolated and unseen.

E Komo Mai – Come Join us.  We would love to have you as a member of our 'ohana/family -  in community and spiritual sisterhood, as we support each other to rise to our fullest potential through what we are passionate about, within ourselves and within our family and community, both personally and professionally.

Kaleo Wheeler is the spiritual guide and facilitator for the group, with Tessa Kidd assisting her.