The Celebration of  Your Divine Feminine

“The Divine Feminine is:  
Our Feelings... Our Insights...  
Our Ideas... Our Intuitive Self... 
Our Hidden Dreams…  
Our Creative Self Unique to each of us” 

An Ancient Moon Ceremony 

Experience the Power of Your Creative Life Force Through Sacred Chant and Ceremony  

Creating  a Community of Sisterhood and Spiritual Partnership through the Sacred

This Ceremony is an opportunity for women to come together in an ancient Moon Ceremony to remember and reconnect to the Divine Feminine within us.  It also helps us to bring our Divine Feminine into balance with our Divine Masculine, which is the manifestation of our creative life force and expression out into the world. 

We stand together in the collective energy of the group, while having a very personal and individual experience. It is very much a private and personal journey, while also experiencing the support and Sisterhood of the other women being in ceremony with us.  It can be done at any time of the lunar cycle, but is especially powerful at the times of the New and Full Moon.

The main body of the Ceremony is around the singing of an ancient chant which opens the door to the Divine Feminine and the Universal Truth within each of us. It deepens and strengthens our intention to heal and act as a vehicle of the Divine Mother where we can release the past and celebrate and integrate this new awareness of empowerment, wisdom, love, and abundance into our life. 

The ceremony is universal, with the version shared here a combination of a very ancient tradition going back to Egypt and before with Native American practices and ancient indigenous Hawaiian wisdom.

The Ceremony is traditionally done out of doors around a sacred fire.  If this is not possible, it can be done indoors with candles in a fire bowl.  





Kaleo Wheeler has been conducting and sharing this Ancient Moon Ceremony with groups since 1987. 

Ceremonies are offered regularly in Spartanburg SC, and Kaleo is also available to bring the ceremony to you for your group or organization. 

It is in embracing the Divine Feminine and bringing it into harmony with the Divine Masculine that we will find harmony and peace for our world.”                                                               - Oh Shinnah Fastwolf, Native American Elder