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Stepping Into Your Self Greatness
through Ancient Indigenous Wisdom

The Sacred Path of the Divine Feminine

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“The Divine Feminine is:  
Our Feelings... Our Insights...  
Our Ideas... Our Intuitive Self... 
Our Hidden Dreams…  
Our Creative Self Unique to each of us” 

We are living in a very special time on this planet.  Many of us are experiencing it as a time of crisis in our Earth’s history, with the challenges of pollution, the breakdown of the economy and the political and spiritual issues of the time.  Some of us are feeling helpless; some are angry or in despair.   Yet the native people speak about this as a powerful time of earth changes and transformation—a time of renewal and new beginnings—a time to restore balance in our hearts and on the Earth.


For the last 5000 years, we have been experiencing a strong aggressively—charged, yang or masculine energy on this planet.  It has created an aggressive male-dominated, male-oriented, user-and-throwaway society and a suppression of the feminine energy. 


It is time to recognize and honor the feminine within ourselves to find our way back to balance.  It is time to turn our steps toward a path of hope, nurturance, and peace: the Path of the Goddess.


Kaleo is one of the keepers of an ancient tradition honoring the power of the feminine within the self.  It is a combination of a very ancient tradition going back to Egypt and before with Native American practices.  It is a nurturing path, a path of love.  It is not a religion or cult and is complimentary to any religious practice. 


Kaleo provides an opportunity to experience this energy in action—healing the self and helping to heal the Earth through an Ancient Moon Ceremony, a Monthly group journey in Living with the Lunar Cycle, and through classes and retreates in the Sacred Path of the Divine Feminine to help you to learn how to live and incorporate it as a Spiritual Practice into your every day life.  She will explain the use of ritual, ceremony and celebration to incorporate and honor the feminine—the Goddess—in every day life.  Each participant will learn personal rituals to honor the feminine within themselves. 

It is in embracing the Divine Feminine and bringing it into harmony with the Divine Masculine that we will find harmony and peace for our world.”                                              - Oh Shinnah Fastwolf, Native American Elder 

Kaleo will begin offering Moon Ceremonies again at the River House in the Glendale Shoals, Spartanburg SC starting in 2022