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Positive & Joyful Relationships
through the Ancient Wisdom of
Living Aloha

Align Your Mind, Body & Spirit
Bring the Sacredness Back
into your Life 

The ancient messages and teachings shared through Pohala Awakenings will seem like new dimensions of thought, experience and practice - but these ways of being are not new.  They have tremendous roots in history.  The are the reflection and recognition of 12 Universal Laws and the Divine within all humans.  These laws are thought to be intrinsic, unchanging laws of our universe that ancient cultures have always intuitively known.  It is the acknowledgment of the spiritual kinship and respect that we all share beyond our physical traits and personalities. 


They are often associated and grounded in the ancient Hawaiian Spiritual teachings of Living Aloha and Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path, that have been shared with us from Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry and her family lineage going back to the original Hawaiian people (kanaka Maoli).  Some of the laws are also attributed to hermetic philosophy going back to ancient Egypt. 

Many are surprised to learn about this form of Ho’opono Pono that is rooted in the ancient Hawaiian pragmatic spiritual teachings of the Aloha Spirit rather than the modern Western adaptation for “conflict resolution". This modern adaptation is for marketing Western values noted as “forgiveness." Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala predates this adaptation. It comes from the belief that we are Spiritual Beings who have chosen to come in and be involved in this human experience to grow and evolve even more into our Spirit Greatness.  It gives you self-permission to recognize and accept your Self-Greatness, to experience it moment-by-moment in all areas of your life, and to lay at waste the “fear-based” mindsets around you for power and control. It is the ancient knowing that you are obviously the best “you” ever! There are no duplicates. You’re it! The original YOU! The god-goddess/”powers that be” make no mistakes!


 Through Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, you:

  • recognize​ the Self Greatness within you, connect with your highest purpose and appreciate and embrace the world you choose within the world around you 

  • experience the Power of your Voice through a "living language" of love, positivity and acceptance of who Your Truly Are - expressing it first to yourself and then to others.

  • ​step fully into believing in your Self Worth and accepting yourself as the all powerful spiritual being & creator of your desired life in joy, peace and well-being.

In going back, you can learn how to go forward with each of us shining our light and bringing our unique gifts and creative expression out to the world as a leader, team player, parent, daughter and member of the community. 

It is time for us to move through and transform the fear, confusion and conflict that is now all around us in our modern world today;  and we are so blessed to have these Ancient Spiritual Teachings and Wisdom to help to finally transform it and move into a place of Harmony and One-ness within ourselves, with our human family and the sacred land.

“To be in Aloha is to be in the presence of life. It is to share your innermost essence, being open and honest with humility. Aloha is accepting others for who they are and showing dignity to what they have to offer.”      - Auntie Pilahi Paki


Benefits you will receive:    

  • a new conscious awareness, in communicating with others from your inner spirit and wisdom    

  • the confidence and self-assurance to express yourself with openness, honesty and humility    

  • feeling more respected and supported

  • the ability to resolve conflicts within yourself and with others with ease, kindness and compassion 

  • the tools to put unresolved issues from the past behind you, be totally in the present moment and excited about the future.  

  • be happier and more successful within yourself, as a couple and in all your relationships 

These teachings are offered through classes, workshops, ceremonies, presentations and private spiritual counseling sessions.  

Aloha Pomaika'i (Love & Blessings!)

Joy is the Voice of Love

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