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From Silence to Strength

A Transformational 6-month Mentoring Program to Embrace Your True Self

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 3,299 US dollars
  • Online Zoom

Service Description

3 Steps to: Speak with Confidence to Elicit Respect & Influence Others Transform Negativity into Joyful Positivity & Limitless Possibilities Be the Master Creator of Your Life, no matter what is going on around you Are you yearning to manifest your deepest dreams and desires but feel lost, unheard, or silenced when you need your voice the most? Join the journey with Kaleo in the From Silence to Strength: Embrace Your True Self 6-month program that's unlike any other! In working with Kaleo, together you'll unlock the practices of: 🌿Kanawai Moaka'aka - the "Smiling Law" of Attraction & Manifestation 🌿Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala - Making Right More Right, embracing your unique perfection Experience clarity, joy, and peace as you: 🌈Step Into Your True Self and live Aloha Lokahi (living in joy, unity, positivity, self-awareness and truth 🌈Claim Your Voice & Personal Power 🌈Live Each Moment in Joyful Positivity & The 6 Modules: 1. The World is What You Think It Is - Diving into your world—inside and out—and see what you want to change 2. There Are No Limits - Stepping into the world of positivity & endless possibilities 3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes/Now is the Moment of Power - Focusing on creating your best life, regardless of what's happening around you! 4. To Love is to Be Happy With - Diving into living a life full of love, unity, and happiness! 5. All Power Comes From Within - Tapping into your inner strength and wisdom! 6. Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth - Focusing on living your truth and createng the life you dream of! Sessions are online on Zoom Special Summer Discount: 6 monthly payments of $575 (normal fee of $977) Paid in Full: $3299 (normal fee of $5797 The Normal Fee is 6 monthly payments of $977 with Kaleo Wheeler, Spiritual Thought Leader & Positive Mindset Mentor

Contact Details

350 Broadway Street unit 204, Glendale, SC 29346, USA

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