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Your Voice as a Healing Tool

A Monthly Circle in Being Your Own Sound Healer - through the Power of Your Own Voice

  • 1 hour
  • 10 US dollars
  • Online Zoom

Service Description

This Circle is held the 3rd Saturuday of each month from 10:15 to 11:15am. WHETHER YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED SINGER OR THE PERSON WHO WAS ASKED NOT TO SING IN THE SCHOOL PLAY you can share in the wonder and power of your voice as Your Most Powerful Tool for Healing. It is not "singing"— it is about breath, about heart, and about Spirit; and we all come fully equipped to participate. ​DEVELOPING AN AWARENESS OF YOUR VOICE'CREATIVE POTENTICAL AS A HEALING TOOL CAN HELP TO: Increase your energy levels Balance your mood and emotions Help you see the power of your words and vibration in influencing your perception of yourself and your reality. Explore sound, frequency and vibration through mantras, vocal toning, affirmations, chakra toning and explore sound’s influence in all aspects of our life. IN VIRTUALLY EVERY CULTURE THROUGHOUT HISTORY, HUMAN BEINGS HAVE USED TONING, CHANTING AND SINGING TO PRAISE THEIR CREATOR AND TO HEAL THEIR BODIES AND SPIRITS VOICE IS POWER. VOICE IS OUR IDENTITY. IT IS OUR VOCAL "FINGERPRINT" THAT REPRESENTS US TO THE WORLD It is from the core of our being that our voice emerges. The voice is a metaphor that tells everyone everything about us. In a society where perception is everything, having a confident, commanding voice and persona can make the difference between being heard and being ignored. THROUGH THE BEAUTY OF ANCIENT CHANTS AND THE FREQUENCY OF THE SACRED WORDS AND SOUNDS you will find your way back to that still place within you to live a life with wonder, rapture—and love for yourself and the world around you. "AS WE OPEN THE DOOR TO THE VIBRATION AND RESONANCE OF OUR OWN VOICE, WE OPEN THE DOOR TO THE UNIVERSAL HUMAN SPIRIT WITHIN EACH OF US AND TO THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE INTERCONNECTEDNESS OF ALL OF LIFE." A REGULAR PRACTICE OF CHANTING WITH THESE ANCIENT CHANTS AND SACRED FREQUENCIES AFFECTS US PYHYSICALLY AS WELL AS SPIRITUALLY TO: Elicit the relaxation response Reduce stress Sharpen mental clarity Open and expand all of our senses Help and support our overall health and wellness Chanting is an experience that always takes place in the present moment, and the silence after the chant is even more meaningful then the chant itself. Holiday Energy Exchange: $10 (normally $20) At the River House at the Glendale Shoals Preserve in Spartanturg SC Private Individual Sessions are also available in Spartanburg and Online on Zoom Facilitated by Kaleo Wheeler

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

350 Broadway Street unit 204, Glendale, SC 29346, USA

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