Lokahi Acupressure-an assessment session

Bringing the Body, Mind, Spirit into Oneness

  • 1 hour
  • 75 US dollars
  • at the River House at the Glendale Shoals in Spartanburg SC

Service Description

Would you like to experience the Ancient Art of Acupuncture but don’t like needles?  There is an easier way—with Acupressure, based on the same acu-theory system, that uses finger pressure instead of needles.  Acupressure is a wonderful alternative to receive the same benefits from this ancient Chinese Acu-System that has been used for thousands of years—through a painless yet very effective treatment that is done in a gentle and more comfortable way for many people.  Applying direct, gentle finger pressure on the Chinese acu-points will release stress and muscular tension, reduce pain and discomfort, promote circulation of blood and enhance the body's life force energy to aid healing.  It will help to detoxify the body for greater health, increase self-awareness, and re-establish energic balance in the mind and body, bringing it into alignment with the spirit.   It can also increase energy and feelings of well-being, reduce stress, and stimulate the immune system. Using a cold laser or sound healing through tuning forks on the points can facilitate an even an even quicker transformation for the client to reach their goals.   Most clients will start noticing an improvement in their condition after three sessions. The Purpose of Lokahi Acupressure: Relieves stress and muscle tension Improves sleep Restores energy and vitality Relieves stiff and aching joints Promotes overall good health Emotional Release and Transformation Getting in touch with your Inner Self/Higher Power ​​As with the ancient Hawaiian Wisdom of Aloha; the Chinese Acu-system and Acupressure is based on the Taoist Attitude of Respect and Acceptance of Life.  It is learning to Flow with the Cyclic Changes of Life.  It is a Philosophy of Life which describes: Flow, Change & Growth and having the Body, Mind & Spirit in Oneness, working together.   Lokahi is a Hawaiian word that means Unity - Oneness.  This first session is an assessment, both through using the Zyto Biofeedback scanning technology and acupressure.  This will give Kaleo a clear picture of where you need help within your Emotional and Energy/Meridian system and the focus for further sessions.   With the Zyto scan, Kaleo can also make recommendations for Essential Oils that can also be of help, if the client is interested.    Special Introductory Offer through the end of April Your first assessment and acupressure session is $75 (normally $100) A Pack of 3 one-hour sessions: $200 (normally $225) Practitioner: Kaleo Wheeler

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