3 Steps to

   Quiet Your Inner Critic

Aloha!   We are so happy that you have chosen to allow us to help you Quiet Your Inner Critic through Living Aloha.

Please fill out the contact info below, and then click on Register Now.  You will be able to register for the 3 week program with a $400 Initial Investment payment. 

Since you have chosen the payment place, there will be one additional payment of $400.00, that will be paid electronically at the beginning of the second week of the program.    

You will be receiving an email shortly after registering to set up the second payment.  When that is completed, you will receive your Get Started Packet with your login info to after the files for the 3 Modules.  You will also have a link to set up your one-on-one weekly sessions with Kaleo.  You will want to have them set them up on the 4th or 5th day after you start each Module, based on Kaleo's availability.  After that,  you will be off and running.   


Also know that I am here to be of help in answering questions or with any other logistical issues you may have.  You can email me at tessa.theheartofaloha@gmail.com




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