Protecting Your Family Today From Unforeseen Events Tomorrow

Updated: May 13

Some of you who know me might be aware and some of you might not; that a few months back my life and work went in a different and surprising direction. I became a Licensed Life Insurance Agent. Something I never expected to be doing; but the opportunity came up, it felt right, and I surprised myself by passing the state licensing test on the first try.

And then I found myself questioning what that now meant? Who was I as a Licensed Life Insurance Agent? I had never been interested in doing "sales", which is what I thought life insurance primarily was - trying to get someone to buy some kind of policy, especially through telemarketing. Everything I have ever done has always been about creating relationship, through communicating, interacting and being there for each other. So where would this fit in with that?

Last fall I also found myself being reminded and drawn back to something I did years ago, after seeing all that has gone on in the last two years. Back then we just said we were helping people who were "actively dying". Now the terms "death doula", and "end of life doula" are being used. I helped people who were actively dying, especially through ceremony and music, to have a peaceful and graceful death. I did this for a number of years, until my life went in a different direction, with other things for me to experience and learn. It has all finally brought me to where I am today - and coming full circle back to bringing it all together now as an End-of-Life Consultant, Educator, Death Doula - and with being a Licensed Life Insurance Specialist an important part of it.

As I have been learning about life insurance, I was shocked to find that less than 30% of the population actually has any kind of plan or protection in place for their family in anything unforeseen happens to them. Less than 30% of the population. How can that be? We are in crisis, especially with how expensive end-of-life expenses are now and with family members left behind losing their quality of life with also the loss of the income that created that quality of life from the spouse who died.

We have seen evidence of this over and over in the last two years with so many people - young and old - unexpectedly dying. Families, while dealing with their loss and grief, also suddenly finding themselves having to scramble and be stressed in needing to find the money to cover their loved one's final expenses. Funerals costs alone can can be up to $20,000 today. Most families don't have the money to pay out of their own pockets for these expenses, creating the need to reach out to friends and strangers by asking for help through GoFundMe's or in selling everything they own that has any value, including possibly their home, which definitely can lower the quality of life they had become accustomed to. And this is so needless and unnecessary for the family left behind to have to go through this.

Part of this is because we also live in a world today where most of us don't want to think about death. We have been conditioned to associate it with fear, dread and avoidance; yet death is inevitable for all. it is part of this sacred cycle of life that our Spirit came into human form to experience. I have shared some of this in a previous blog and will share more later in a future one.

For now, the subject here today is in helping to remove some of the mystique and confusion around life insurance. I see much of my role now with being licensed as a life insurance agent, as an educator in helping to bring an awareness of how it can be of help to you in your End-of-Life Funding Plan. For me, it is about creating a relationship by sitting down and finding out what your particular needs are and then help you to customize the perfect and permanent plan to fit those needs as well as what is affordable for your budget. From there, it is your choice on whether you decide to go forward with it. If you choose not to, you now have an awareness and knowledge of what is possible, if and when you do. If you do choose to go forward with it, you and your family all have peace of mind. Knowing it is permanently in place, you can forget about it and enjoy your life fully today with your family, with it being there for whenever you will need it. It is as simple as that.

And with that, if you are one of the 75% or so who are still "on the fence" about what to do, I urge to you take some kind of action - for your family's sake. And I am here to help. I am available for free consultations to sit down with you either in person or on zoom, to answer your questions and support you in making the perfect decision for you and your family's particular needs.

You can contact me through my website at You can also email me at or text me at 914-466-0015.

I will be sharing more through future blogs, so keep an eye out for them. In the meantime, have a fabulous day!!!! Many blessings!


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