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Step Into Your Self Greatness
through the Ancient Wisdom of
Living Aloha

A Sacred & Peaceful Death

The Beautiful and Joyful End-of-Life

Rite of Passage for the Entire Family

A Truly Life Changing Experience

If there's one thing all humans have in common, it's death. We all die - but how we view death largely depends on where we live.


The modern American attitude towards death, in cultural terms, is one of denial.  This culture prefers not to talk about death. When death does approach or arrive, as it inevitably must, Americans often use euphemisms: “passed on,” “passed away” or even just “passed” are all in current use. On a more pragmatic level, many Americans fail to plan for their own deaths, even though such an act could make the inevitable death much easier on the family left behind. In the absence of clear cultural norms regarding funeral details, as one example, all too many Americans push the planning aside until the hour is too late. Even in the matter of wills, estate planning, and disposition of property, the treatment of death as something “optional” eventually catches up with the family involved.


Many other cultures view death as a natural progression in the cycle of birth, life and death.  The ancient indigenous Hawaiian culture is one of these. To them, death is nothing more than a "change of address", as we finish this human "event" and leave this "body bag" to return home to Spirit.  This belief is grounded in the ancient spiritual and pragmatic teachings that come from Kumu Mahealani Kuamoʻo Henry, whose family lineage of Kanaka Maoli, Native Hawaiians, goes back many generations, and Kumu Laʻakea Rumsey. These teachings are shared through Hoʻopono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right, More Right, The Path in Living Aloha.  It teaches that we are Spiritual Beings who have chosen to come in and be involved in this human experience for the opportunity it gives us to grow and evolve more into our Spirit Greatness, with the lessons that come to us through our interactions with each other.    In this ancient tradition, there is no need for any fear of death; knowing that this is not an end, but a continuation with their loved one now just having a new address    And since we are all Spirit, we can choose to still continue to be in relationship together, just communicating in a different way. 

Kaleo Wheeler has been given these ancient teachings of Hoʻopono Pono Ke Ala from Kumu Mahealani and Laʻakea Rumsey.  She has now brought them together with her own personal experiences of death throughout her life, that resonate so deeply now with these teachings.  She has acted as an end-of-life doula for her family members, including her fur babies, and for friends; and where she has been gifted in being a witness to their spirit moving up and out of their body.  She also has been an end-of-life doula through doing an ancient Native American "Crossing-Over" Ceremony,  and in sharing her voice and harp in hospices, nursing homes and the private sector as a Certified Music Practitioner through the Music for Healing and Transition Program, bringing in the peace and sacredness for everyone present. She has also had communication with those in spirit after they have left their human form and with her guides and "angels" for as long as she can remember.

There is also one more very practical piece that Kaleo is also sharing now to be of support. With how so many people have lost loved ones unexpectedly in these last two years; it has become apparent with all the gofundmeʻs we see now, how many people have still not made plans for their death and how their final expenses will be covered, leaving it as a burden for their families after to deal with while they are in their grieving process.   Kaleo is now also a licensed Life Insurance agent, with her focus on Final Expense Insurance  She works with a number of carriers to have the flexibility in helping individuals to find the perfect policy at a premium rate they can comfortably afford so they can feel at peace, knowing this is in place for for their loved ones for whenever it will be needed. 


Being there with your loved one through their Change of Address is a beautiful and sacred time.  There is absolutely nothing to fear - and it is truly life-changing.  You just have to choose to be there with them - and Kaleo is happy to be a support and guide in helping you to do that. 

Each End-of-Life family situation and individual Final Expense plans are different.  Kaleo will have a detailed conversation in an initial consultation with you and your family to find what your particular situation is, which services you will need, and Kaleo will then share with your the best package and plan to fit your specific needs, as well as the amount of time and cost to support both the family and your loved one.  

Consultations and Education Offered


Sacred & Death Consultations 

Through the ancient indigenous spiritual teachings, helping both the loved one and their family to understand and be comfortable when it is time for the loved one to “change address” back to Spirit.  It is in helping them all to know that it is not an end, but a continuation.  The most important word is love that will continue to hold them together in Spirit beyond the human form.  It is also in helping them to release the words “end” and “closure”.  There is also no closure – just continuation.  It is for all of the family, and especially to help the loved one to be free of fear, in knowing that they will all still be together, just with the loved one having a new address.  

Kaleo can also help you to create the perfect ritual when you are ready to "spread their ashes" in the location the loved one needed, honoring and blessing them in this final form of closure with their human form.

A Spiritual Death Educator

To help diffuse the fear around death that is so prevalent in our western culture, that keeps us from having the beautiful and sacred experience of going through this powerful experience together with their loved one.  It is truly life changing.  Kaleo does this by sharing her personal stories with the ancient teachings and tools from the Hawaiian ancient tradition, to help people to be able to be fully present during their loved one’s change of address, in joy and celebration.  It is also for them to know they will still feel their grief and loss of their loved oneʻs physical form and presence, this is part of being human;  while they also continue to be in relationship with them, just through Spirit talk – a different form of communication.  

Final Expense Planning

As an independent Licensed Life Insurance Professional Agent, Kaleo works with all of the several Insurance Carriers.  She does the "shopping around" for you to help each family member have the Final Expense Policy and the monthly premium that is perfect for their needs and budget, to feel at peace knowing it is in place for their family when it will be needed. 

End-of-Life Doula Services Offered


A Crossing-Over (Change of Address) Ceremony

This Ceremony and Rite of Passage is a beautiful way to help the loved one passing to be in calmness and peace, and for the family to be there with them to experience what is a sacred and beautiful Rite of Passage. In this tradition, it is believed that there is a soul and spirit, and that the spirit leaves at the moment of death and the soul 5-6 hours later.  There is a proven weight loss at each of these times.  It is important to allow the body to remain in the same place until these two parts can join together in the spirit realm to then move on.   This is a wonderful and powerful time for family and friends, young and old, to gather and share stories to remember and honor their loved One as they celebrate their “new address” with them.  This Ceremony is also available for you Fur Baby Family Members. Kaleo received this from the Native American Shaman she apprenticed to for 14 years. 

Live Music at the Bedside

As a Certified Music Practitioner through the Music for Healing and Transition Program, singing and playing harp with music that helps the loved one’s body to let go and the spirit to “change address”.  She has shared her music in Hospices, Nursing Homes and in the private sector since 2005.