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Kaleo Wheeler

Kaleo is a Heart-based Spiritual Guide & Certified Life Coach, Aloha Practitioner, Hula Instructor and an Ordained Minister.

Kaleo’s passion and dedication is to help women Step Into their Spiritual Greatness through opening their hearts to their inner wisdom and experience self-love and self-appreciation.

Her dedication to this comes from her own personal experience of trauma early in her life that started her on a journey to find answers and healing for herself.  This led her to study and explore several different indigenous cultures, as well as several modern body/mind integration techniques.  What she shares now is what helped her in her own life and healing in the last 30 + years and that she now uses in helping other women.

Kaleo is also a Professional Singer, Storyteller and Speaker with over thirty-five years of professional experience, and a recording artist with her solo CD, Ulana the Way of the Heart. From 1988 to 2007, she was an Authorized Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® Teacher and is a contributing author of the book, A Complete Guide to Acupressure. And she was a Voice Specialist in Somatic Voicework from 1985 until 2003.

From 1985 until 1998, Kaleo apprenticed with Oh Shinnah Fastwolf, a Native American shaman, conducting an ancient moon ceremony and rites of passage ceremonies in helping women to connect to their “Divine Feminine”. She is now offering them in the Upstate SC area. She has also poured for sweat lodges and been a pipe carrier.

In the late 80’s Kaleo was drawn to Hula, the Hawaiian Sacred Dance of the Heart.  Hula helped her to heal her relationship with her body and her spirit from the early trauma she experienced.  This led her to an extensive study of the ancient Hawaiian culture, that continues into today, in learning their indigenous methods of healing emotional trauma and relationship challenges through Living Aloha. She has been fortunate and blessed to have lived and studied with Hawaiian Master Teachers – Kumu Hula and Kahunas, both in Hawai’i and on the Mainland.  They include Aloha Dalire, Lehua Kawaikapuokalani (Hewett), Susan Floyd, Keith Awai, Kahiliopua Wong-Brentlinger and Serge Kahili King.  She is currently studying Hawaiian Spiritually and Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala with Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry, Kumu 'Elele o Na Kupuna and a Kanaka Maoli - native Hawaiian.

Kaleo is the founder of The Heart of Aloha, helping women to Reawaken Their Inner Wisdom to Step into Their Spiritual Greatness, using the ancient spiritual wisdom of Aloha. She shares this through her Master Your Confidence System and  as a Hula Instructor, teaching classes in the Sacred Art of Hula.  She is the Director of the Halau Hula Pu’uwai O Aloha, a traditional school of Hawaiian Hula.  Kaleo is known nationwide for her ability to blend many creative and expressive forms of modern healing arts with the Hawaiian system of ancient practices and teachings, embodying a vision of life centered on embracing loving actions, compassion and harmony in her work with individuals, groups and communities. 

Kaleo is also a SC Artist-in-Residence and Teaching Artist, bringing an awareness of Living Aloha and the Hawaiian Cultural through Hula to children in schools and in the home schooling communities. Kaleo currently lives and has her physical school in Spartanburg SC, where she can meet with clients and students and teach classes in person. She also works with women nationally, offering all of her professional training programs, classes and workshops and private coaching sessions virtually online, especially during this current pandemic.

Tessa Kidd

Tessa is an Editor/Writer and Assistant to Kaleo.  She is also a Heart-based Compassion Guide & Certified Life Coach.

As a young girl, Tessa lived on the island of Oahu.  She is so grateful for this experience of living with the influence of the Hawaiian culture and their way of Living Aloha at such an impressionable age. In her late teens and early adulthood, she lived in Florida and found herself connecting to the Hawaiian culture again.  

She became a part of a local Polynesian Revue dance group and performed with them for a number of years until she met her husband, Chris and the Navy made other plans for their future.  In 2000, while stationed in Monterey, CA Tessa was once again immersed in the Hawaiian culture as many of her colleagues and friends were from the islands. Even though she was not performing then, she continued to hula at social gatherings just for the love of the dance.

As fate would have it, Kaleo and Tessa met at an International Festival in October 2019, where Kaleo and her halau (dance group) performed. At the time, Tessa was part of a local salsa dance group who was set to perform after Kaleo's group. When Tessa caught Kaleo's group performance, she knew they had to meet. After the show, they connected instantly over their shared love of Hawai’i and especially of Hula.  

In 2012, Tessa had the opportunity to visit Africa and fell in love with the people and the culture in Rwanda. She and her husband adopted a son in Rwanda; but because adoption laws changed during the process, Bahati continues to live and go to school in Rwanda while Tessa and her family support him. Bahati was an orphan, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide of 1994 where his entire family perished. This has given her a deep connection and compassion for the African culture, that she also brings to the Heart of Aloha.

Tessa is an avid journaler and lover of words. Years before joining The Heart of Aloha, she wrote a personal blog for 8 years where she shared stories expanded from her journals - stories about her experience as a mom raising her three young kids. Now 17, 16 and 15 years old respectively, that blog about her children is no longer active. However, Tessa continues to write and is focused on helping others find compassion and joy in their everyday life.  It has been a natural segue for Tessa to now be a coach and editor/writer for the Heart of Aloha. Together, Tessa and Kaleo share the same mission and passion for helping other women find joy, acceptance and love in their daily lives through creating HeartFull Relationships with their heart/mind/spirit, their human family and the sacred land.

Ua ola loko i ke aloha

Aloha provides life from within

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