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Stepping Into Your Self Greatness
through Ancient Indigenous Wisdom

Creating a Legacy Letter
A Gift of Love

A Legacy Letter is an opportunity to create a meaningful and loving keepsake that reflects your unique story.  It is bringing together and sharing all that you have experienced, learned, value, believe and want to leave after you are gone for your loved ones and future generations.

It is unique and carefully tailored to preserve your personal stories, wisdom and history.  Yet, all too often people procrastinate and never start or complete it.   They also wait until it is too late to capture a loved one’s story.  This happened with Kaleo and her family.  They always meant to record her parents stories, but they never seemed to get around to doing it, especially with her parents being in good health.  She thought they would still be here for a long while so there was plenty of time to get to it.  And then suddenly they were gone - and their stories gone and lost along with them, leaving many things unsaid.   

Keep this from happening to you.  It’s a profound experience to gather your story, no matter what age you are, or if you are in good health or at the final stages of your life.   Have the support you need to create your story - and in in an audio form (with a written transcript accompanying it), This provides family and friends with an ongoing relationship with you - a touchstone of the most significant kind - through continuing to have the gift of hearing your own voice telling it. 


For many, creating a Legacy Letter can be a spiritual process in looking back at the significant moments in your life—the highs, the lows and the turning points and what you learned from it all.   You will be supported to reflect on the impact you’ve had on others and how others have impacted you. We take what might feel overwhelming and make it tangible and meaningful together.


If you are at the end of life, this is an invaluable opportunity to find inner peace and control while deepening the exploration of your story.  And if you are the middle of your life, you can also start creating your legacy letter TODAY - to make your life more meaningful gain more clarity - and to make sure important stories are never forgotten and nothing is left unsaid to special people in your life. 

Through my complimentary consultation will we discuss your unique situation and objectives.  There is no obligation in using my services after this initial consultation.  When you are ready to move forward, we will begin from there.