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Your Voice is Your Unique Vocal "Fingerprint"

Projecting "You" Out to the World 

When we open the door to the incredible power within us and express that out to the world, magic happens
-Kumu  Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry    

3 Steps From Your Inner Critic

to Positivity & Self-Love

An Online Course


Meet the Source of Your Inner Critic

Free Your True Voice & Your True Self

Live in Your World with Positivity & Self-Love

There is no other voice in the world like yours, yet as with many of us, does your voice seem to always let you down in those moments when you need it the most  

Does your voice become small and weak, reflecting your fear and insecurity, rather then your strength and confidence?

Does that negative inner voice, your "inner critic" always make you feel there is something innately

wrong with you?

Do you hesitate to speak up for yourself, afraid of the consequences?

Do you hear criticism and putdown statements from someone in your life? 

Own Your Authentic Voice to:

Experience your voice as a source of Personal Power

Expand an awareness of your vocal connection with your mind, body and spirit

Trust in your voice to reflect your strength and confidence to speak up, be heard, and be respected

Speak a language of positivity, kindness and compassion to yourself and to others


When you Own Your Vocal "Fingerprint and Experience Your Voice as a Source of Personal Power, you will feel empowered and confident in yourself - no matter where you are in your life - as a leader, teacher, team player, parent, member of the community and an authentic YOU.

Step Out of the World of Negativity & Fear and

Into the World of Joy & Positivity

Rev Kaleo Wheeler has created a unique System in helping women to Own Your Authentic Voice and Live Your Best Life...Ever!!!!

It is a culmination of everything that she experienced in the last 40 years, that helped her in her spiritual quest to find healing from early emotional and physical trauma that followed her into her adulthood. 


She is passionate and happy about sharing this System now with other women to help and guide you on your journey to Step Into Your Greatness and  Be the Master Creator of Your Desired Life.  

It is a blend of Ancient Hawaiian Spiritual Wisdom and Teachings, grounded in the original form of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right the Path to Living Aloha, with vocal and modern body/mind/spirit integration techniques.  

Using doable and practical tools, you will have  the ability to Weave Your Lei of Life with Joy, Positivity, Acceptance, Confidence & Sacredness, bringing it into every moment for yourself and with everyone and everything in your world.








Kaleo is also a Charismatic, Powerful, Unique Inspirational Speaker and Storyteller as a Positive Encourager and Communicator
Through her heart-full stories, strong stage presence and relevant messages; audiences don’t just hear a story.  They experience it within themselves; and they return home feeling renewed, inspired, energized, uplifted and more at peace within themselves and with their world.

Weave Your Lei of Life with Joy, Positivity,

Acceptance, Confidence and Sacredness 

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Spartanburg SC 

The retreat was powerful, insightful and very practical.  Not only were ways outlined to diminish my negative "scripts" and gain positive ones, concrete strategies were also given to keep implementing these new ways into my everyday life.  Discussions were life affirming and thoughtful, and I have come away with so many practical ways to deal with my anxious thoughts as I keep working on "Owning My Authentic Voice".  Thank you, Kaleo

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd 
Naturopath at Ultimar Healing
Asheville NC

I was thrilled to discover the beauty and sacredness of the Hawaiian Hula and it’s traditions! It is like a moving, flowing, dancing meditation, honoring Life, Love and the Great Spirit. Kaleo is a wonderful dedicated teacher with much passion for sharing the tradition with the stories, chants, and beautiful dance. I want to keep learning more hulas as each seems to be more beautiful and inspiring!

Sekou Miller, 
The Alvin Alley Theatre
New York City

When experiencing Kaleo speaking and telling her stories, you find yourself becoming totally involved with her as she is fully present in the world of the story she is sharing.  She draws the audience in to open their hearts and be a part of that story with her.  A true storyteller!
Absolutely beautiful!.  

Asheville NC

Kaleo is an incredible guide and a true inspiration to help women to gracefully live their best life through these wonderful spiritual practices. It has been life changing for me with a system that is so doable and practical to work with.                             -  

Appalachian Christian Village 
Johnson City TN

We fell completely in love with Kaleo.   Her kind spirit and the gentleness of her words and thoughts just make our hearts rejoice.  After her presentation there were smiles on everyone’s faces.  It was as if our spirit was lifted up.     

Alan Cohen,
author of A Deep Breath of Life

Kaleo's CD, Ulana The Way of the Heart  is a powerful statement of love, wholeness, and respect for all life. Bask in its energy and you will be transported to a realm where the spirit is real.”

I hope you will choose to walk with me and allow me to help you on your Spiritual Wellness Journey to consciously manifest your life joyfully in every moment for yourself and with everyone and everything in your world.  

You can start by joining our 'Ohana/Community below

and receive my Free Gift to you -

2 Daily Practices to Bring Joy & Positivity into Your Life!





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