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The Be Your Greatness System


Living the Ancient Wisdom of Aloha

Is the voice of your inner critic always making you feel there is something innately wrong with you?

Are you lost in self-doubt, low self-esteem and a low self-image?

Are you living someone else's life by allowing their opinions of what they think you need to

drown out what you know you want?

Are you in relationships over and over that are filled with feelings of separation, conflict and criticism instead of loving kindness, compassion, praise and gratitude?

Are your yearning for a way to create the life you choose of calm, peace and happiness, but don't know how?  

To be in Aloha is to be in the presence of life. 
It is to share your innermost essence, being open and honest with humility. 
Aloha is accepting others for who they are and showing dignity to what they have to offer.     

                                                              -Aunty Pilahi Paki

Identify the 5 things that are holding you back from Being Your Greatness
and the #1 thing you can do to be living it

We can achieve and be anything we desire -
we just have to make the decision to start. 

It is time for all of us, as women to: 

  • reconnect to our feelings, our insights, our ideas,
    our intuitive self, our hidden dreams.

  • let go of the old computer programs (limiting beliefs and early conditioning) to know that in opening our heart we can bring it back into balance with our mind and choose our reality with the two running on the same track together rather than separate.  

  • accept that we are Spiritual Beings who have chosen to be involved in this human experience to grow and evolve even more into our Spiritual Greatness, with “wonderful/beautiful opportunities” along the way to do that.

  • live in the vibration of love and unity (Aloha Lokahi), living it moment by moment as creative masters in our own right – to stay in the spirituality, the oneness and pono, the excellence (greatness) of who we are.

  • shine our light and bring our unique gifts and creative expression out into the world as a leader, team player, parent, daughter and member of the community.

When we open the door to the incredible power within us

and express that out to the world, magic happens.
                                                    - Kumu Mahealanai Kuamo'o Henry

The Be Your Greatness System is a dynamic new way to guide women to reawaken their compassionate heart to their Inner Divine Wisdom and to deepen their spiritual understanding and empowerment of themselves to maintain harmonious relations to self, the sacred land and the human family. 


The tools and suggestions shared might seem like new dimensions of thought, experience and practice - but these ways of being are not new.  They are very ancient and have tremendous roots in history.


They are the reflection and recognition of Universal Law and the Divine within all humans, and the acknowledgement of the spiritual kinship and respect that we all share beyond our physical traits and personalities. In going back, you can learn how to go forward to transform your whole body/mind/spirit system.

The Hawaiians embodied these teachings in the ancient Hawaiian value system of love & unity (Aloha Lokahi), a quietly powerful, natural, balanced and practical way of living.  It is one of the oldest forms of The Law of Attraction.  The Hawaiians call it the "Smiling Law", because the Universe/Ancestors/God always give you what you ask for with a smile. You just have to decide what it is that you want.

It also shares Ho'opono pono Ke Ala - the true, original meaning of Ho'oponopono - "to make what is already right and perfect more right and perfect", rather then the popular, modern western interpretation of it being about making what is wrong, right.  There is no word for forgiveness or wrongness in the original indigenous Hawaiian language.  

Experience a step-by-step system that will help you to tap into the Spirit that is within you, the breath of your life, the voice of your soul - your True & Perfect Self.   When you come from that place within yourself, you then communicate with yourself and others with Loving Kindness, Confidence Compassion and Grace and be in service to create a life of Joy, Harmony and Well Being. 

I am Kaleo Wheeler and I am so honored to be able to help women to           Be Their Greatness and Transform Their Life. 

Aloha Lokahi helped me to heal from early trauma in my life and and has been the foundation of everything I have done for the last 30 years. I am so honored, through The Be Your Greatness System that I have created, to be able to share this gift of love that was given to me from my teachers with other women to help them transform and have a better life. It would be wonderful if you choose to walk with me and allow me to help you on your journey to consciously manifest your life joyously in every present moment for yourself and with everyone and everything in your world.  Aloha! Kaleo

“Kaleo is an incredible guide and a true inspiration for how to help women to find our way back home to ourselves through this wonderfully rich culture and tradition to gracefully live the life we want. The Be Your Greatness System has been life changing for me with it being so simple and practical.



How does The Be Your Greatness System Work?

It is a 10-week one-on-on program with one bonus session.

You will receive a link to your private client portal where you can access video lessons and worksheets on each module, wiht a lifetime access.

You will work through the videos and worksheet by yourself. You can record your insights, get your questions answered and keep track of your progress in the private client portal.

Once a week we’ll meet for a one-on-one video call where I will support you in deepening your work and moving through any challenges you may have. A Bonus Session will be two weeks after completing the program. 

The Be Your Greatness System Modules

You will  be guided through this step by step system using these modules

01  Live the Life Your Choose in Love and Unity (Aloha Lokahi)

  • Experience a quietly profound, balanced and practical way of living in peace, joy and harmony

  • Discover the very best parts of yourself that you might have forgotten

  • Live the life you choose by changing your belief and interpretation of it 

02  Quiet Your Inner Critic—There Are No Limits

  • Discover how limits are imposed on us by our own minds from past experiences and old conditioning, creating your inner critic

  • Meet the true source of your inner critic and whose voice continues to self-sabotage you

  • Release your "Imposter Syndrome" by overcoming your outlook, perspective or interpretation of who you are from your past traumatic experiences

03  Hear the Loving Positive Voice of Your Heart

  • Discover the Ancient Hawaiian Path of making what is already right and perfect within you more right and perfect (Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala)

  • Transform your feelings of never being good enough to embracing your Innate Goodness, knowing you can create whatever you choose

  • Free yourself from living someone else’s opinion of what you need in your life.

04  Seek Your Best Possible Life—Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

  • See your best possible life no matter your current circumstance (“look for the better and the best”)

  • Shift your attitude and expectancy, and align yourself with the positive potential of abundance and hope, bringing in inspiration and motivation to make things better.

  • Choose what thoughts you are giving life to through your words to create your world with the Hawaiian “Smiling Law of Attraction”

05  Now Is the Moment Of Power

  • All the power for changing your life exists only in the immediate present moment

  • Achieve living in the present NOW, seeing and taking advantage of all the opportunities that are always

      around you

  • Plant the seeds for the future you choose and want to have

06  To Love is to Be Happy With

  • Experience freedom from judgment, criticism and putdowns in your life—from others and from yourself

  • Bring in practices for living life in praise, blessing and appreciation for yourself and for everyone and    everything in your life

  • Live in Unity through ‘Ohana (family) in navigating the waters of life together in growing and evolving in

       unity and harmony with each other


07  All Power Comes from Within —Connecting to Your Divine Wisdom

  • Discover how to connect to the universal life energy that is within you—your inner knowing (your “gut feelings”)

  • Move forward with an acceptance and belief in your feelings, your insights, your ideas, your intuitive self,

      your hidden dreams – your inner, divine wisdom

  • Drawing from your highest and most loving self, confidently make decisions for yourself and for your life with grace, joy and self-assurance

08  Remove Obstacles with Patience & Gratitude

  • Discover how to bring yourself back into harmony when you find yourself being pulled into old patterns of trauma/drama (pilikia)

  • Experience the power of Mahalo—Being in Gratitude

  • Learn simple techniques to stay in your inner peace and wisdom moment to moment every day 

09  Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth - Living Your Greatness in Aloha Lokahi

  • ¨  Live in your integrity, rightness and balance in your personal truth of what works for you

  • ¨  Succeed in being your own Master Creator in your own right

  • ¨  Confidently  create your dream life in Aloha Lokahi with a a new awareness of transformation, wisdom,  
    love and abundance


10   A Follow-Up Virtual Zoom Session
       Additional support to give you encouragement as you continue to solidify this new quietly powerful and               balanced way of living your life.

On Monday of weeks 1-9, you will receive a talk story video and pdf of that week’s content with an         assignment of questions to complete before the 1-1 Virtual Zoom Session at the end of the week

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

As there are different options, I need to understand your needs before I can give you an accurate quote. The best way to do this is to schedule an Awakening Session with me in order to determine your best option.

What are my payment options?

In full before we start OR a payment plan with automatic withdrawals.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card and PayPal

How long does it take to complete the program?

8 weeks with a follow-up session two weeks later

What if I need help in the moment?

You will have access through email where you can ask for support, get questions answered as well as to share insights and progress.

When, where and how do we meet?

We’ll meet virtually on zoom for a 1-1 call each week for the 8 weeks and for the follow-up session. Each of the 8 weeks you will have access to a module, including a video and worksheet

 Still Have Questions?  

Ua ola loko i ke aloha

Aloha provides life from within

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