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Reclaim Your Grace,
Confidence & Compassion

A Women’s 8-week Heart-based Self-Transformation Program

 using the Ancient Spiritual Practice of Aloha, 

The Hawaiian "Smiling" Law of Attraction

Is life feeling overwhelming for you right now, with things you feel you can’t control?

Are you stuck in self-sabotage patterns from traumatic experiences and old limiting beliefs,                 creating an inner Negative Critic?

Are you putting everyone else’s needs, desires and opinions about your life ahead of your own? 

Do you feel plagued by embarrassment, shame, guilt, or jealousy?

Do you strive for something that will make you happy, yet never seem able to find it? 

Do you fear that something is innately wrong with you?

Are you ready to do life "differently" by transforming traumatic experiences and old limiting beliefs to embrace your Innate Goodness and Step into Your True and Perfect Self?

When we open the door to the incredible power within us

and express that out to the world,
magic happens.

This is an 8-week Heart-based, Self-Transformation Program for both Individuals and Groups.  It is a dynamic new way to guide women to reawaken their compassionate heart to their inner wisdom and deepen their spiritual understanding and empowerment of themselves to maintain harmonious relations to self, the sacred land and the human family. 


The tools and suggestions shared might seem like new dimensions of thought, experience and practice - but these ways of being are not new. Coming from the indigenous Hawaiian internal spiritual teachings, they are very ancient and have tremendous roots in history. They are the reflection and recognition of Universal Law and the Divine within all humans, and the acknowledgement of the spiritual kinship and respect that we all share beyond our physical traits and personalities. In going back, you can learn how to go forward to transform your whole body/mind/spirit system.

The Hawaiians embodied these teachings in what they call Living Aloha, a quietly powerful, natural, balanced and practical system of living and one of the oldest forms of The Law of Attraction.  The Hawaiians call it the "Smiling Law", because the Universe/Ancestors/God always gives us what we ask for with a smile.  It is our choice as to whether it is something loving and positive or unloving and negative.  


  • Experience a spiritual practice of expressing love out to the world through your voice and the words you choose

  • Create “Spiritual Partnerships” through Living Aloha in your relationships where you encourage and support each other in fulfilling your soul’s destiny to actualize your full potential in the world

  • Be open to the positive Voice of Your Heart and your Inner Wisdom and Guidance

  • Reclaim Grace, Confidence & Compassion in using your physical voice to create the world you choose within the world around you

  • Have a better self-image of yourself and your body that you express comfortably out to the world

  • Be resolved with issues from the past, totally in the present moment and excited about the future

  • Taking charge of your life and living it in a graceful and elegant way through praise, encouragement and appreciation for yourself and others


Living Aloha – the "Smiling" Law of Attraction
Quiet Your Inner Negative Critic - free yourself of negative self talk and self sabotage from old limited beliefs 
Free Your True Voice – being mindful of the words we put breath and life to
Ho'oponopono Ke Ala - Reclaiming Your Greatness – being a “Spiritual Being having a human experience” to be involved to evolve into more of your Spiritual Greatness
Free Yourself of Traumatic Experiences - experience the positive effect of praise and appreciation versus the negative effect of criticism and putdowns 

The Individual Program will be available anytime you are ready, starting in January 2021

The Group Program is available twice a year, in March and in September.  


In both the individual and group trainings, there are

  • weekly calls with worksheets

  • weekly Q&A sessions

  • an opportunity to be part of a Private Facebook group where you can brainstorm and interact with other members and where Kaleo is online with you to answer questions there as well.

Tessa Kidd is Kaleo’s personal assistant and a Heart-Based Compassion Guide, working closely with Kaleo, to help you through the program.  


Kaleo would be happy to chat with you in a free 20-minute Consultation to explore how Reclaim Your Grace, Confidence & Compassion 8-week program can be of help to you 

Monthly Spiritual Coaching Sessions are currently available to help you with a specific issue you are needing support            and help with.  


The truth of who we are is innate goodness, and the whole journey is really about removing any obstacle or false belief that keeps us from knowing that.

-Alanis Morissette

Ua ola loko i ke aloha

Aloha provides life from within

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