Free Your True Voice 
through Living Aloha

 Finally - Silence Your Inner Critic
through Living Aloha

Transforming Self-Limiting Thought Patterns & Emotions

A 4-Week Jumpstart Program into The Heart of Aloha System
taught by Kaleo Wheeler 

The Program includes a weekly1-1 Mentoring Session, experiential exercises as homework, a PDF hand-out with complete instructions, and a recording of the each session for review anytime!

Is your inner critic always making you

feel there is something innately

wrong with you?

Are you living someone else's life by allowing their opinions of what they

think you need to drown out what you know you want? 

Are you ready to finally free yourself of

the past and embrace Your Self-Worth

to live the life you have always

envisioned having?

This 4-week training  covers the first 4 weeks of the full 16-week The Living Aloha System. It stands alone in how it will help you to Finally Silence Your Inner Critic by transforming your old self-limiting thought patterns and emotions to hear the Love and Positive Voice of Your True Self.  It is an introduction to a very different mindset that embraces the trust and acceptance of your own Perfection on a daily basis versus the current fault-finding mindset that most of us have been brought up in, seeded in fear and limitation. 

This new way of experiencing your life comes from the spiritually pragmatic teachings and practices of the Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom of Living Aloha and Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path.  These teachings have been given to Kumu Kaleo Wheeler to share with you through the Heart of Aloha System from Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry and her family lineage with Kumu La'akea Rumsy.  They will seem new to you, but they have tremendous roots in history and are completely relevant and needed in our modern world today.

With very doable techniques and skills it will help you to:

  • experience this mindset for life, with doable and practical tools and techniques

  • disengage from old Self-Limiting Thought patterns (your inner critic)

  • use a "living language" for new thought patterns of love, joy, acceptance & gratitude

  • train your mind/intellect and emotions from running amok and being destructive to being skillful parts of yourself

  • align your mind and emotions with your spirit/inner guidance (your “gut" feelings) to create your chosen life experiences

Are you ready to fully Silence Your Inner Critic?   Why wait?

Schedule a Free 45-minute Awakening Session to discover how this Silencing Your Inner Critic Program with Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala can personally be

of help to you.

How The Silencing Your Inner Critic Program Works

On Mondays, you will receive a link to your private client portal where you can access video lessons and worksheets on each module, with a lifetime access.


You will work through the videos and worksheet by yourself. 


Once a week, we’ll meet for a one-on-one video call where I will support you in deepening your work and moving through any challenges you may have. 

You will  be guided through this step-by-step program using these 3 Modules

The Silencing Your Inner Critic Modules

01  Meeting Your Inner Critic

  • Discover how limits are imposed on you by your own self-limiting thought patterns and emotions from past experiences and old conditioning, creating your inner critic

  • Meet the true source of your inner critic and whose voice continues to self-sabotage you


02  Hearing the Voice of Your True Self

  • Experience your mind and your heart becoming skilled part of yourself to align with your Inner Guidance - your True Voice

  • Have a new awareness of Self-Worth, with a belief system to know you can create the life you choose in love and positivity 


03  Transforming and silence the Inner Critic

  • Have a new awareness of Self-Worth, with a belief system to know you can create the life you choose in love, joy, self-awareness and truth

  • have doable tools and techniques to continue to integrate it into your daily life  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

$750, to be paid in full before you start the programz

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card and PayPal

What if I need help in the moment?

You will have access through email where you can ask for support, get questions answered 

When, where and how do we meet?

We’ll meet virtually on zoom for a 1-1 call each week for the 4 weeks.  On the Monday of each week, you will be given access through your private portal to that Module's video lessons.  

Still Have Questions?

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