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The Ignite Your

Inner Brilliance


Are You Ready to Transcend Your Inner Critic

Into Your Inner Best Friend?

Step Into Your Greatness

Live Each Moment in Joy, Positivity & Truth

Do you struggle with low self-worth, a loud inner critic and an inability to speak up for yourself - and even more so in this uncertain time?

Are you living someone else's life by allowing their opinions of what they think you need, to keep you from creating what you know you want your life to be?  

Experience a different mindset and system of living

to be confident in yourself

& Live A Joyfully Positive & Fulfilling Life!!!

The Inner Brilliance System and Mentoring Program come from a very different ancient, spiritual mindset.  It embraces the trust and acceptance of your own Self-Worth and Your Unique and Perfect YOU on a daily basis versus the current modern fault-finding mindset that most of us have been brought up in, seeded in fear and limitation.

This different and empowering way of experiencing your life is grounded in the spiritually pragmatic teachings and practices of the Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom of Aloha Lokahi, with its original practices of Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path to accepting your perfection and one of the oldest forms of the Law of Attraction - The Hawaiian "Smiling Law" of ManifestationThese teachings have been given to Kaleo Wheeler to share with you from Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry, a Kanaka Maoli (a Native Hawaiian) with her family lineage going back to the original Hawaiian people.  Parts of it might be familiar to you. These Hawaiian teachings have brought it all together in a system of living, called Aloha Lokahi (Living in Love, Unity, Self-Awareness, Positivity & Truth) that has tremendous roots in history and is completely relevant and needed in our modern world.

The System includes:

1. The World is What You Think It is - What do you choose, the World of Joy, Positivity & Self- Love or a world of Negativity, Fear & Limitations

  • Create Your World Within the World Around You, no matter what chaos is there

  • Experience a quietly profound, balanced and practical way of living 

  • Ho'o'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right -the Path to Accepting your Inherent Perfection and Spirit Greatness

  • Live the life you choose by changing your belief and interpretation of it 

02  There Are No Limits - Quiet, Repattern and Transform Your Inner Critic

  • Discover how Your Inner Critic is just old self-limiting thought patterns and emotions from past experiences and old conditioning

  • Meet the source of your inner critic and whose voice continues to self-sabotage you

  • Release this "Imposter Syndrome" by overcoming your outlook, perspective or interpretation of who you are from past traumatic experiences

03  Embrace Your Inner Best Friend - Unveil the Pathway from your Inner Critic to Positivity and Self-Love

Train Your mind/intellect and emotions to being skilled parts of yourself  

  • ​Learn how to bring up and focus on positive memories, creating more of the same in the present moment

  • Look for experiences from the past and in the present that creates emotions of joy and gratitude

  • Become aware of the words you are giving life through learning a "living language" of positivity, love and joy  

04  Live  Your Best Possible Life—Energy Flows Where Attention Goes - using The Hawaiian “Smiling” Law of Attraction and Manifestation

  • See your best possible life no matter your current circumstance (“look for the better and the best”)

  • Shift your attitude and expectancy, and align yourself with the positive potential of abundance and hope, bringing in inspiration and motivation to make things better.

  • Choose what thoughts you are giving life to through your words to create your world with the Hawaiian “Smiling Law of Attraction”

05  Be in the Present Moment of NOW - Now Is the Moment Of Power

  • All the power for changing your life exists only in the immediate present moment

  • Achieve living in the present NOW, seeing and taking advantage of all the opportunities that are always around you

  • Plant the seeds for the future you choose and want to have

06  To Love is to Be Happy With – Living Aloha Lokahi (love, unity, self-awareness & truth

  • Experience freedom from judgment, criticism and putdowns in your life—from others and from yourself

  • Bring in practices for living life in praise, blessing and appreciation for yourself and for everyone and everything in your life

  • Live in Unity through ‘Ohana (family) in navigating the waters of life together in growing and evolving in unity and harmony with each other


07 All Power Comes From Within - Unleashing Your Your Inner Wisdom and Inherent Perfection

  • Discover how to connect to the universal life energy that is within you—your inner knowing (your “gut feelings”)

  • Move forward with an acceptance and belief in your feelings, your insights, your ideas, your intuitive self, your hidden dreams – your inner, divine feminine wisdom

  • Aligning your Mind (Mana'o), Emotions (Pu'uwai) and Your "Gut" Feelings (Na'au) confidently make informed decisions for yourself and for your life with grace, joy and self-assurance

08 Creating a Balanced Union of Your Divine Feminine and Your Divine Masculine

  • Be clear in your Place in the world with a clear Purpose and Passion

  • Share your unique creative expression and influence others

09  Remove Obstacles - with Trust, Patience & Gratitude

  • Discover how to bring yourself back into harmony when you find your Mind (Mana'o) wanting to pull you back into your old limiting belief patterns and emotions 

  • Experience the power of Mahalo—Being in Gratitude 

  • Learn simple techniques to stay in your inner peace and wisdom moment to moment every day 

10  Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth - Living Your Best Life in Joyful Harmony​

  • Live in your integrity, rightness and balance in your personal truth of what works for you

  • Have confidence in confidently speaking your truth, knowing you will be heard, accepted and respected

  • Succeed in being your own Master Creator in your own right

  • Confidently create your dream life with a new awareness of transformation, wisdom,  love and abundance

"We are Spiritual Beings who have chosen to come into and be involved in this human experience to grow and evolve even more into our Spirit Greatness." 

- Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry

Kaleo Wheeler is Making These Teachings Available to Women Today through this Unique, One-of- Kind Mentoring Program She Created. It is a culmination of everything she has studied and experienced in the last 35+ years that helped her in her spiritual quest for healing from early trauma and negative conditioning in her life and then in understanding the human condition as a woman in our modern world. She explored many different paths and traditions along the way, and it was when she was introduced to the Ancient Hawaiian Spiritual Teachings of their system of living called Aloha that she finally found the answers she was looking for. She has brought it all together now and is sharing it with other women searching to find their Place, Purpose and Passion in their lives

Kaleo helps women individually in the Inner Brilliance Mentoring Program to step out of suppression, separateness and limitation and step into freedom, love and positivity to be your True Self and Live in your Unlimited Potential.


In the Inner Brilliance Group Mentoring Program, Kaleo facilitates women supporting women in coming together in spiritual partnership as Empowered Women to Create the World We Choose to Live In.   

There Are No "Accidents" in Having These Teachings Available to Us At This Time. 

There are only “timeless and opportune” moments to experience this “reconnection” to these ancient teachings of Aloha; to “consciously” weave them like a beautiful and colorful flower lei into our lifestyle today. ​It is time for all of us, as women, to Find and Free Our True Voice, to Embrace Our Self-Worth and Perfection and Shine Our Light.

When we open the door to the incredible power within us
and express that out to the world, magic happens.
Kumu Mahealanai Kuamo'o Henry

Copy of IBMent Program issueconsult (3).jpg

If you are ready and committed to dive deep into your Spiritual Transformation,  Inner 

Brilliance Mentoring is available.  Individual Programs are tailored with tools and practices designed specifically to focus on addressing your particular needs. The Group Mentoring Membership brings women together in spiritual partnership to support each other in Igniting Your Inner Brilliance will be starting soon.  Join Our Waiting List 

You can schedule a 1:1 Consultation with Kaleo for a "Talk Story".  You will explore and discuss together what your particular needs and desires are and how Kaleo can be of help to you in achieving them to Ignite Your Inner Brilliance and Be the Master Creator of Your Life. 

Consultations Are By Appointment Only

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