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  Step into Your Greatness


Be the Master Creator

of Your Desired & Best Lie

Weave Your Beautiful Lei of Life with Joy, Positivity, Acceptance, Confidence & Sacredness

Are You Ready to Live Your LIfe Differently?


3 Steps to Delete YourInner Critic wih Positivity & Self-Love

An Online Course
Do it at your Own Pace & Time

Cost: $47


Do you struggle with low self-worth, a loud inner critic and an inability to speak up for yourself - and even more so in this uncertain time?

Are you living someone else's life by allowing their opinions of what they think you need to keep you from creatiing what you know you want your life to be?  

Are you ready to experience a different and positive mindset

to feel confident in expressing your True Self

through Stepping into Your Greatness? 

Choose to Live Your Best Life in Joy, Positivity, Encouragement and Appreciation

for Yourself and Others

EXPERIENCE A VERY DIFFERENT MINDSET THAT EMBRACES THE TRUST AND ACCEPTANCE OF YOUR OWN SELF-WORTH ON A DAILY BASIS versus the current fault-finding mindset that most of us have been brought up in, seeded in fear and limitation. 

THIS NEW WAY OF EXPERIENCING YOUR LIFE IS GROUNDED IN THE SPIRITUALLY PRAGMATIC TEACHINGS AND PRACTICES OF THE ANCIENT HAWAIIAN WISDOM OF LIVING ALOHA AND HO'OPONO PONO KE ALA, MAKING RIGHT MORE RIGHT, THE PATH. These teachings have been given to Kaleo Wheeler to share with you from Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry, a Kanaka Maoli (a Native Hawaiian) with her family lineage going back to the original Hawaiian people.  This may all seem new to you, but they have tremendous roots in history and are completely relevant and needed in our modern world today.

MANY ARE SURPRISED TO LEARN ABOUT THIS FORM OF HO'OPONO PONO THAT IS ROOT IN THE ANCIENT HAWAIIAN PRAGMATIC SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS OF THE ALOHA SPIRIT RATHER THAN THE MODERN WESTERN ADAPTATION FOR "CONFLICT RESOLUTION".  The latter adaptation is for marketing Western values noted as “forgiveness."  Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala predates this adaptation, bringing forward the Aloha for self to promote  “self-best” and recognize, accept and experience self-greatness moment-by-moment in all areas  of one’s life. It is the ancient knowing that you are obviously the best “you” ever! There are no duplicates. You’re it! The original YOU! The god-goddess makes no mistakes!

"We are Spiritual Beings who have chosen to come into and be involved in this human experience to grow and evolve even more into our Spirit Greatness." 

- Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry

KALEO WHEELER IS MAKING THESE TEACHINGS AVAILABLE TO WOMEN TODAY THROUGH THE STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS TRAINING THAT SHE HAS CREATED FROM HOW THEY HELPED HER IN HER OWN SPIRITUAL JOURNEY BACK HOME TO HER TRUE SELF.  She experienced emotional and sexual trauma when she was very young that created her core wound. That wound followed her into her adult life, creating ongoing issues with being unable to maintain close and intimate relationships with others and in being unable to be fully successful in her life.  It was always more of just "getting by" and losing her real sense of purpose in life.  Her spiritual path began in looking for answers and relief from the emotional pain that she continued to experience. She studied and walked many different paths.  It was when she was finally introduced to the ancient Hawaiian spiritual teachings 30+ years ago that she finally found the answers she was searching for,  bringing together everything she had learned and experienced in her life.  The culmination of it all is what she now brings to other women to experience Stepping into Their Greatness.

THERE ARE  NO "ACCIDENTS" IN HAVING THESE TEACHINGS AVAILABLE TO US AT THIS TIME.   There are only “timeless and opportune” moments to experience this “reconnection” to these ancient teachings of Aloha; to “consciously” weave them like a beautiful and colorful flower lei into our lifestyle today. ​It is time for all of us, as women, to Find and Free Our True Voice, to Embrace Our Self-Worth and Step Into Our Greatness.


  • experience a positive mindset for life, with doable and practical tools and techniques

  • disengage from old self-limiting thought patterns and negative conditioning

  • understand who your Inner Critic actually is and how to listen instead to your True, Loving and Positive Inner Voice 

  • speak a "living language" with words, thought patterns and intentions of love, joy, acceptance & gratitude in every moment

  • train your mind/intellect and emotions from running amok and being destructive to being skillful parts of yourself

  • align your mind and heart with your spirit/inner guidance (your “gut" feelings) to create your chosen life experiences

  • weave integrity, freedom, interdependence and sacredness into your life 

When we open the door to the incredible power within us
and express that out to the world, magic happens.
Kumu Mahealanai Kuamo'o Henry


  • Delete Your Inner Critic, by transforming old self-limiting thought patterns and emotions to Positivity and Self-Love

  • Give Voice to the Desires of Your Heart - aligning your Mind and Emotions with your Spirit (your "gut feelings"/your inner wisdom/guidance)

  • Express Yourself through an ancient "living language" of love, positivity, acceptance & gratitude

  • Find Your Self-Worth by Stepping Into Your Greatness, in knowing you are obviously the best “you” ever! No duplicates. You’re it! The original YOU!


A Private Mentoring Program is also available.

Schedule a Free 30 minute Awakening Session and 
re with Kaleo how you can collaborate together to help you to

Step into Your Greatness and

Be the Master Creator of Desired & Best Life

You can also Take Your First Step with this Online Course that You Do at Your Own Time  and Pace

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